Science Vs Commerce Vs Arts: Shashi Tharoor’s English Test

So we are back! Science vs Arts vs Commerce. So we are here for another challenge. Today’s challenge is.. The Ultimate Shashi Tharoor Quiz. We will be given questions… along with four options. Thankfully we have options. We have .. What? Tharoor’s younger brother. Arts and Science streams have great benefits today. They have Josh and Arushi Man! Both of them are Scoopwhoop Editors. They both write. They check everything. Joshua may not be abe to make maggi. But he will definitely make us win the quiz. Every video you have to bring up maggi dude. There’s timer also? God damn! Perfect let’s do it. It feels like it’s a blindfold test. We will be just blindly guessing. Are you seeing this dude!!!? Satyam are you SEEING this!?You don’t have to memorise it. You have to tell the meaning. It’s a fear of something no? Yes. So the answer is fear of long words. That’s D. And that’s correct I know. Fear of long words.(Both) Why would fear of pens and shirt be this? Fear of long words.(Both) That’s the irony. The term for fear of long words is long itself. This seems like.. if someone is afraid of heights… and their session is being conducted at some height itself. Like on Mount Everest Lalochezia? I have heard this term. Do shopkeepers use this term?Most of Tharoor’s words… either express feelings.. or explain something. Never the facts. When you really want to abuse someone. And the happiness you get after doing so. This is that same happiness. Lalochezia. Second (Both)!!!!Emotional relief. Option B. I am just guessing.
Nothing else Basically I feel good after abusing someone.It’s DJ form today hah? This is the point Kaustubh where we use our guesses. This one seems cute. You are such snollygoster. He used this to describe…. ….. Who? …. Modi. WOAH WOAH WOAH. I think it should be A. Because there’s rollercoaster in Amusement park.. same as in rollecoaster … Snollygoster. It’s the third. An unprincipled person. A person without principles. Snollygoster. It’s Shashi Tharoor man. Unprincipled is a big thing. Let’s go for Unprincipled. Three. I am not sure. It’s a guess. C. You’ve got the tiger right? No I swear man. Will you get that out on the eighth question?Exasperating farrago .. This was the word he used. This is again guess work guys. I don’t know. I can’t focus my mind. I know this one. Irritating.Both) D. Go for it.Irritating.Both) Hurry up! I guess it’s D. Irritating? If Tharoor has to say irritating… he will use good words. Yeah man
You are right.People won’t believe us. I am telling you. See if you follow Shashi Tharoor on Twitter.. you will know 50% of this vocabulary. But he follows me.. I don’t follow him. Recently he tweeted ‘Zugzwang’. About Maharahtra elections. It’s a chess term. Imagine if their next term is Zugzwang. It will be funny dude.It’s called circling around. You give this answer. C. A situation in a game where a player gives up. Are you sure? It must be surrender right? Choose any one from A or B. I think it’s one. I think it’s two. I won. So we will go with one. Moves towards a weaker position. Because that’s what happened in Maharashtra. YA! That’s what happened in Maharashtra. YES Second is the right answer. First is the right answer. First? Yes. Okay A Weaker postion. If C turns out to be right I will slap you then. What are you saying dude? Remember Ent is for..? Something that you feel. It will get crazy dude. So we have kept this here. We will just be listening to the options . And give answers. Hungry or Lazy? I am not sure. if someone would be saying Esurient to express hunger. Greedy …hungry? Yes, third. Are you sure?OH MY GOD!!!!! Today commerce will lose! Today Science will lose! Hungry. I know that one word of Shashi Tharoor does mean hungry. It can be a guess.
It can be wrong also. But this I know. A – Hungry. If this turns out right man!!!!!! OH MY GOD What is the word? Are you serious? COMMERCE?!!! I told you they were messing with us. So now Commerce , Science and Arts. Have the same score so their will be a tie breaker now. We have to go there. Shall we? We are going o have Tea. DC Vs Marvel Vs Shaktiman All three at the same place. Now it’s a tie. The one who claps first will get the chance to answer. If they get it wrong.. the chance will pass on to the next team. I have clapped first. B (Both) Sexual Matters of others. Ladies and gentleman. If you enjoy watching Science win. Again and again. And again and again. And again .. and again. and again. Let’s say constantly. Then LIKE the video. Comment #TeamScience. SHARE It with everyone. And Don’t forget to subscribe to. OK TESTED. Please download the OK TESTED app from Google Play store. All exclusive videos are available on the app before. If we haven’t won..we won’t be allowed to say anything? What’s this? Next time when we win. You’ll know it before. Because App.

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