54 Replies to “SF9 – ‘Good Guy’ MUSIC VIDEO REACTION”

  1. tom se says:

    Yes thanks!!!

  2. Slayer vlogs :D says:

    quicker than a white family in an airport
    Good video btw😊

  3. Lauren Isaacs says:

    Thank you for reacting to sf9 and who is your bias

  4. RJ HYUNG says:


  5. RJ HYUNG says:

    Yes they will rise😊😊

  6. 다크 라이온 says:

    i got into them as they droped rpm but last comeback i didnt like so i hoped i like this and i wasnt dissapointed

  7. june says:

    tysm for reacting! your channel is great. <3

  8. Cloe Q says:

    Hello, thanks for your reaction! I love your videos and you are one of my favorite youtubers 💜

    It would be amazing if you also react to MCND ❣️

  9. Erik says:

    Thanks for the reaction😄

  10. HOERROR says:

    I swearrrrr i love them

  11. Richjohn Agosto says:

    Plss react to sb19 plsss

  12. Rizky Mulyawan Putra says:

    Please reaction to Taemin, Momo, and jihyo 'goodbye' performance…🙏

  13. PrimaK says:

    X1 disbanded!

  14. Justine Ramirez says:

    I love them sooooo much 😭❤️
    This song is so good ..FIRST WIN SOON

  15. zimzalabop says:

    you're so right! it reminds me of 2pm at least the styling! the mv was interesting to me actually i like the part with the golden rings and how they dance in it at the end. I also agree that the sensuality is more than the sexuality. I like it that way, definitely a manly comeback which is my FAV

  16. Lucas F.E says:

    SF9(First Win in Music Show)vs ATEEZ(Win)…🙊

  17. Aure says:

    "I"m feeling you suits"
    OUIIIII COCO !!!!! Mdrrrr
    ça m'a donné des vibes a la shinee "your number" pour les costumes justement :p

  18. HARUKAZEY says:

    this mv signifies of the achievements they have achieved from debut till now, it's written on the official FNC channel.. and i feel that the soccer was bc of winning I'm ISAC, rowoon playing tennis (extraordinary you) along with chani as they're both actors of the group… anyways thanks for reacting ! hoping for first win. we reached 3million views guys please participate in live voting and comeback stage streaming as well as vlive showcase ❤

  19. danica delapena says:

    Fantasy reaction really like you HAHHAHA love you gurl

  20. Too Beautiful To Handle says:

    I hope SF9 will shine this year too 😍 I really appreciate them, RPM was one of my fav comeback in 2019 and this new comeback is perfect 👍🏻 I've already the song stuck in my head 🤩

  21. TWICE x BTS x SF9 says:

    Thank you for reactingggg

  22. Paolo Velasquez says:


  23. felciebiased says:

    SF9 are always so good, I hope they will get more love with this comeback… I like the suits, they look good! The parts where they play sports while wearing suits made me feel like I was watching some perfume commercial, but that's okay, they still look good anyway.

  24. HyunMi _Minnie says:

    SF9: I'm good good good good guy

    Also SF9: touches crotch


  25. moreu gesseo says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that this coud be an AB6IX song? It sounds so much like their title tracks!

  26. Lauren Miller says:

    I keep saying it, SF9 and Pentagon are most consistent "rookies" out there! Both groups have such a strong sense of sound, and make brilliant b-sides!

  27. 郑好 says:

    Thanks for reacting to SF9! The main vocal that always make you surprised is KimInSeong. And the vedio is aimed to show they chase for the bracelet by competition, so the play sports.

  28. Taeyang Wifey 23 says:

    enough gives you strong sexy manly vibe
    good guy give you an softie,sexy, cute shows I am going to show you I am man now
    music video for good guy is kind of confusing yes give you an 2pm, highlight softie vibe

  29. Taeyang Wifey 23 says:

    I been sf9 or fantasy since September of 2017

  30. DoMiNiQuE says:

    When your 2nd gen Stan and Hottest you saw 2pm as soon as it came on only Vixx and SF9 can make me feel like I do with 2pm the R&B vibes and always manly

  31. angie says:

    thank you so much for reacting to sf9 <3 we, fantasy, really hope we will be able to give them their first win!

  32. Trish Milburn says:

    I love these guys. They're literally my favorite group. I'm hoping they announce another U.S. tour soon because I want to see them again. They so deserve a first win. I really hope they get it.

  33. EXO-L Forever says:

    Yes Inseong is a really good and underrated vocalist

  34. Hantock says:

    Faire du sport en costard = la meilleure chose qu'ils ont fait 👀

  35. – s e l i n a says:

    as a non sf9 i LOVE this song, i don’t even like their music that much. if they don’t get their first win I AM SUING

  36. Tatou says:

    Don't try to search why they played sports, they just want to tell the world that they won a gold medal in Isaac (football). Joking actually the meaning of the mv from what I understood is that each are competing to win the golden bracelet. Nine golden bracelets won by the members to finally become one to mark a new start for sf9
    Credit: @_rowoonist

  37. One&Only says:

    Coco j'étais grave pareil avec SF9 genre j'aimais bien leurs titles mais j'avais un peu la flemme de stan haha, mais tu devrais jeter un coup d'œil aux albums, tu le regretteras pas!

  38. anais950 says:

    I hope so. I thought they would in 2019

  39. anais950 says:

    SF9 also have great B sides that's even better imo than the comeback songs. I still listen to them. I feel bad at how they are slept on. Oh and someone said they are bad in sports so that's funny.

  40. Shard says:

    Here I am waiting patiently for them to release the album so I can listen to this song 24/7

  41. Indigo Air says:

    Every time Rowoon looks at the camera I feel like I'm that tennis ball him and Chani are smacking around

  42. Nicole Rave says:

    2020 is SF9’s year

  43. SF9 Dorks are coming Back perpare your hearts says:

    girl hope the lord hears you and get them a win.

  44. SF9 Dorks are coming Back perpare your hearts says:

    the mv is just sf9 clowing Fantasy because they won a metal on isac and now they think they can do sports. lol so they are just clowing Fantasy thats why people dont get the video. just clownery they even released it early just to clown Fantasy. but dont worry we will get them back with that 1st win and our fanchant. its just Fantasy and SF9 clown culture.

  45. FANtaSy Audi3 says:

    Sunshineeeee attacked me so muchhh in this era!!! As always!! 😆😆😆😆

  46. Moch Dedy Setiawan says:

    Is it true??? They get 1st win yet??? I think its their time, the song was easy listening, the chorus just stuck on my head… And they got more attention now… Surely they will get their 1st win for this comeback… PS: I just don't have a special comeback this january, except SF9. Go get the chance!

  47. Willard Weiss says:


  48. Cecille Quansah says:

    Hwiyoung will be the death of me

  49. Kal R says:

    I love your reaction. Thankyou for reacting sf9 ^^

  50. Jon DiStefano says:

    good reaction

  51. Mateo Banda says:

    Taeyang is sexy tho. The way he moves is illegal!!!

  52. Stephen E. says:

    I can’t be the only one that is reminded of Feel Special by Twice?

  53. Elvira Rioveros says:


  54. Bakusaiga says:

    "Enough" has been my favorite kpop song of all time since it came out lol

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