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– One, two, three! – I like ballet! And I don’t want to do it. (upbeat music) – [All] Hi! – My name is Helena. – My name is Phoebe. – I’m Fletcher. – My name is Wyatt. – My name is Sophie. – What are you guys here to do today? – Show, – And, – Tell, – Musical, – talent! – I live for music. If music dies, I’ll die. (screeching) – [All] What are you standing in front of? – I’ll show you. (Fletcher giggling) – [All] Ooh! – This is a drum set. And you probably know that. – What are you going to play? – The song I’m going to play is Heroes by David Bowie. (drum beats) That’s just basically
it for the whole song. (drum beats) That’s all it is. (drum beats) – Do you want to be a
famous rock star one day? – If I lose at the other careers, maybe. Maybe. Next up! – Drum roll, please! (drum roll) – Phoebe! – Yay! My instrument is a ukulele! – When did you first start
playing your ukulele? – One time, I was just, like, really bored and then, I think today,`and
so I grabbed a ukulele and then my mom put me in ukulele lessons. – You just have a ukulele
around your house? – Yeah, because my mom
owns a music business. – Oh. – What song are you going to be playing? – I wrote it. It’s called ‘don’t bite my leg.’ – Dope, dude. – This song is a little violent. ♪ I like my leg ♪ ♪ and I don’t want it bitten ♪ ♪ So don’t you dare ♪ ♪ bite that baby kitten ♪ ♪ Don’t bite my leg ♪ ♪ Don’t bite my leg ♪ (applause) – Bravo. – You could put that on, like, Spotify. – Who wants to go next? – Wyatt, you’re up! – What is your instrument, Wyatt? – Guitar, electric guitar to be exact. – Who inspired you? – My dad, my uncle, my
great uncle, my grandpa. About four or five people. – That’s strange, they’re all male. – What are you going to play? – I’m probably going to play
‘where’s my mind’ actually, by the Pixies. (playing guitar) – You’re wearing my shoes. – What’s your favorite part
of the electric guitar? Like, what’s your favorite
part about playing it? – The fact that you can
plug it into amp and then put it on some weird
effect and then do this. It sounds like this. (high-pitched squeal) – Why do you like it? – Because it annoys my parents. Who wants to go next? – Me! – You. – Yay. – What’s your musical talent? – My musical talent is I can play clarinet. – Can you make a bird
sound on the clarinet? – I don’t know if I can. (clarinet playing) – A heavy fart. – I’m gonna play the banana boat song. (clarinet playing) Oh crap. (all giggle) Okay. (clarinet playing) (applause) – Are you inspired by Squidward? – No, I’m actually inspired
by my uncle and my dad. – Oh. – What do you think the lowest I can play? (groans) Okay, so this is the first lowest. (clarinet playing) – Can you guys all try to match
that note with your voice? (squealing) – I’m going to pass it
on to our last person, – Which is? – Helena. – What are you doing today? – Doing singing with my voice. – What, you sing with your voice? – Everybody does. – So what are you going to sing? – Um, ‘My Fight Song’. ♪ This is my fight song,
take back my life song. ♪ – Hey, don’t spoil it. ♪ Big boats making big waves ♪ ♪ my heart open ♪ ♪ I have one night to make an explosion ♪ ♪ this is my fight song ♪ ♪ this is my life long ♪ ♪ I don’t really care ♪ ♪ I don’t really care me ♪ ♪ I’ve still got a lot
of fire left in me ♪ (applause) – Do you sing in the shower? – No way, I’m never
gonna sing in the shower. – I mean, you’ve got to have
your own habitat to sing. – Do you wanna play a song together? – Yeah! – What’s your guys’ band name? – What about Legsters? – Legsters? Well, it depends what
genre of music we’re doing. – We’re doing rock. – Presenting my original
song, Don’t Bite My Leg, by The Legsters. – One, two, three, four. ♪ Don’t bite my leg ♪ ♪ Don’t bite my leg ♪ ♪ I like my leg ♪ ♪ and I don’t want it bitten ♪ ♪ So don’t you dare
bite that baby kitten ♪ ♪ Don’t bite my leg. ♪ – All right! That was the coolest
concert I’ve ever been to! (screaming) – We’re going to do the
metal version of the song. (screaming) – Alright, that’s a cut,
that’s a cut, that’s a cut.

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  1. Stephanie Aguiñaga says:

    No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Helena: “okay now we are going to sing the metal version of this song … *SCREAMS*


  2. rochelle mendonca says:

    Fletcher seems to be the only one enjoying the music…poor Helena didn't know the lyrics to what she had to sing…

  3. Eagle Flyer says:

    do show and tell parents pleeeeeeeeese hiho
    btw biggest fan

  4. Kian Salema says:

    I love the song!!

  5. Solomon Caraway says:

    Poor clarinet girl, always being compared to squidward

  6. Youssef Belghache says:

    I’m never gonna swing in the sower

  7. Banoon Gaming says:

    I’m sorry 😐 but ellenas voice cracks soooo hate it

  8. sicksadworld says:

    Fletcher looks like a mini dave grohl 💞

  9. Mocos López Alan says:

    I play timbales i started at the age of 5 con mi papa and and now iam 14 and i am more better at them mi pa y ma ponen a tocar un chorro de cumbia😑

  10. Emma 456 says:

    she’s singing in cursive

  11. Desiraye Williams says:

    So when does “Don’t Bite my Leg” drop???

  12. Daniela Martínez says:

    Fletcher plays a Bowie song on drums. Wears a Queen´s T shirt. Bangs his hair like a rockstar.
    Love him.

  13. Daniela Martínez says:

    Phoebe in 2000: "Smelly cat"
    Phoebe in 2020: "Don´t bite my leg"

  14. zoe isabella says:

    fletcher is a king!

  15. YEET OR BE YEETED says:

    Were you inspired by Squidward?😂

  16. TheBruhNetwork says:

    I’m surprised the kid with glasses knows who the pixies are

  17. C N says:

    Can you try snacks from Curaçao 🇨🇼? Like letter di Pina or Sopi Mondongo

  18. Ashley Reinik says:

    I miss marina

  19. Liliana Carbajal says:

    Me and my sisters got a drum set for Christmas

  20. kiddopunktse says:

    Helena ( and brother) is twin goals ❤️

  21. LpsAlly Official says:

    I’m never gonna shig in the souer lol😂😅

  22. That_One_Sax says:

    Pretty sure I played the banana boat song in beginning band. Now I am a freshman.

  23. Itz_ Emma Potato says:

    Im sorry but the fight song wasnt good…. sorry helena

  24. J L S says:

    Don’t bite my leg by the legshters 😆

  25. Maryam Fatima says:

    Girl very bad singing

  26. The Funny Furriends says:

    Never gonna shing in the sower

    Anybody else notice?😂

    She's the cutest❤

  27. AngMga IbOoOon says:

    Fletcher is a BOY?!!!

    /sorry I'm a new fan

  28. Rose H. says:

    "are you inspired by squidward?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG

  29. Kittylover91919191 Negrete says:

    Hello hiho I just wanted you to know that I signed up and my name is Toni

  30. Nurul Solehah says:

    There's some serious potential there

  31. The Artizt Official says:

    Now way. I’m never gonna shinG in the Sour LMAO ( sower)how ever u wanna spell it LOL

  32. team00n says:

    how's Kira?

  33. Demi Doos says:

    1:26 it’s ukulele not ukulaylay

  34. Demi Doos says:

    4:47she sounds so scared

  35. sweet afr says:

    🤣 The song is not appropriate lol

  36. Michael ronen says:

    I would go to their show

  37. watchdealer11 says:

    Wow, so these kids have more clout than me AND are more talented than me?! 😭😂😂😂

  38. Get Slimy says:

    “Do u sing in the shower”
    “No, no way, never gonna shing in the sower”

  39. Mirielle Shaffer says:

    Disappointed there wasn't a piano student.

  40. Sativa-Mermaid says:

    “Were you inspired by squidward?”😂
    Valid question

  41. Daniel Shelton says:

    I can drum better than him or her but I still am subscribed

  42. • Fallen Rxses Editz • says:

    Oml, they should actually make a band irl when they get older.

  43. 嘉偉 bryce says:

    Fletcher looks like the young version of dave grohl

  44. Izzycorn says:


  45. Amanda Blankenship says:

    I love you

  46. Amy Mahoney says:

    I think Fletcher is the BEST!*!

  47. BJ FALLOUT says:

    In 2018 I was in my school band and in fact I played clarinet! I played in a clarinet choir but in our group one person played the sax! It was fun but I left because it was not necessarily hard, it just got expensive! One reed was $3!!! And we had to take care of the instrument INCLUDING taking it home, buy a song book, buy reeds, buy cleaners, etc. I have forgotten most things about the clarinet… It was kinda fun to play. NOTE: I live in AUS so if your school does these things, note I am not from your school because most of these viewers are most likely foreigners from Australia.

  48. Mr. Baby Hands says:

    Why didn’t he plug the guitar into a amp

  49. ZD Channel says:

    Squidward needs lessons

  50. ItsMacca says:

    i love fletcher's shirt 😭❤️

  51. Anupama Supe says:

    WHAT? You sing with your VOICE?! lol these kids are da cutest

  52. Anupama Supe says:

    PHOEEEBEEEEEEE ofmg bring her back

  53. Arcade Blure SunSet says:

    Hi kids

  54. Hannah Collier says:

    Hi Hiho people that read comments, could you guys do a kids try guacamole from around the world please? Or maybe kids try food from Hawaii? Well thx for reading this comment

  55. Coolest Monkey says:

    Where are crystal, talbot and vanessa?

  56. Arcade Shark says:


  57. ecarghtiaf says:

    I like my leg too.

  58. xilovemusicx11 says:


  59. Ilze Gritāne receptes says:

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  60. Ilze Gritāne receptes says:

    From Latvia

  61. Phoebe Smith says:

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  62. Phoebe Smith says:

    My talent is singing to❤️❤️❣️

  63. namira alaman says:

    Can you make kids try indian food 🤣🤣🤣

  64. Gosia Brudniak says:

    Ummmm sorry but that was bad the last one soz

  65. Thomas Vermeeren says:

    als ze blijven oefenen komen ze er wel! maar nog niet voor vandaag!

  66. Alexa Alex says:

    4:55 “Do u sing in the shower” no way I’m never sing in the sower

  67. Alexa Alex says:

    4:55 do u sing in the shower “no way I’m never gonna sing in the shower”

  68. CoolMediaz says:

    Wyatt is a fucking chad. "Guitar, Electric Guitar to be exact." The class in this man.

  69. Camila Façanha says:

    Could Phoebe be any more Phoebe?

  70. Tahmid Islam says:

    Pheobe at the end was singing and playing the ukele helena was singing but anyways who cares😑

  71. Finn The Lego Dude says:

    were you inspired by squidward? Omg this kid is A MOMENT

  72. Agw448 says:

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  73. a n g e l a says:

    I wish I could have hair as long and healthy like fletchers…

  74. Parker Daniels says:

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  75. Mr bird And friends says:

    Is Fleger a boy or girl

  76. John Galt says:

    I like the cacophony of sound at the end ala The Beatles.

  77. Gustavo Flores says:

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    Please do kids try Thai! Thai food is sososooo good oml

  79. Glaceon Squad! says:

    Shing in the sower

  80. Supernova BoyYT says:

    Fletcher is just learning and all of them and I’m a drummer and if I was there I would teach her.

  81. Irem Silajdzic says:

    Shing in the sower

  82. Brown Gia says:

    Her singing was lovely

  83. Kid Fury says:

    LaMo bRo

  84. Thomas B says:

    i think talent might be an exaggeration. This is the kind of torture parents have to sit through

  85. Livie Gee says:

    Ummm does Helena take voice lessons…..

  86. Lindsey Pindsey says:

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  87. Jan Gotal says:

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  88. Sofia Olsen says:

    I loved the metal version omg

  89. Aaron's Voice says:

    Cool kids! Our 10 year old son sings.

  90. Brightly Sheep says:

    I love music too! Playing instruments is THE BEST!

  91. Brianna Jagodzinski says:

    Why do I feel like Fletcher could probably sing really good

  92. KiraCherry38 says:

    Wasn't fletcher the kid who said in one episode that the krabby patty was from McDonald's?

  93. KNOWURMEME 1 says:

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    Yo, the next few hours during the day, my head be singing "don't bite my leeeeeg" constantly on repeat 😂

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