Social Media Tips for Orchestral Musicians

there's been a lot of emphasis on social media lately there was just an article in The New York Times Sunday magazine about a lot of musicians using social media to promote their business to promote their careers so what is social media and how to do it first of all once it's on the internet it doesn't ever go away so your professional demeanor is absolutely integral here everybody will see it and it will never go away so just keep that in mind when you're posting things on facebook when you're putting things on YouTube try to look your best I was in makeup for an hour to get to look like this so anyway youtube videos try to play your best they're a great way to promote yourself and they're a great way to educate people that's what we're doing here at Baku musical and we hope that you're enjoying them another thing is your own personal website this is something that is now so easy to do and almost is as important as promoting yourself with your colleagues and professionally and making connections I've used something called squarespace com and you can build your own website it's very simple to do and it's very inexpensive another thing that a lot of my colleagues are doing is blogging and this is a fantastic way to put yourself out there as an educator a professional musician what have you three of my favorite blogs are some of my colleagues in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Weston's brats Williams short and Rob napper and they are both extremely savvy in the social media bloggers fear whatever you call it and have written extensively on how to make Creed's how to do auditions how to play the trombone they're excellent definitely check them out as a template for what you should be doing another really good idea is once you've built your website definitely linked to any of the associations or festivals or schools that you're affiliated with to give yourself some professional credibility good luck have fun go blog and this is mine you

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