Socialization – Understanding of Dance | 사교-땐스의 이해 [2019 KBS Drama Special/ENG/2019.12.02]

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(Socialization – Understanding of Dance) (Socialization – Understanding of Dance) (7:30 a.m., back to freaking school) You’re still asleep? Wake up! (111 days before graduation) (110 days before graduation) (Daughter! Weight does not equal fat) Darn it! Breakfast? No, right? Daughter, why won’t you eat breakfast? Are you on a diet? – It’s not like you’ll get shorter. / – Get out! Someone once said… A few shocking life experiences can change the way you live. Hey, where are you off to? I have class. – What should we eat? / – Want to get pasta? 100 more days and I’m out of here. Oh. – Hey! / – Hey, Byeonghyeon. So you’re in this class too. What a relief! I took so much time off, so I don’t know anyone. You can just hang out with me. So what’s your schedule like? Here. It’s not good. I just signed up for what I could. Ballroom dancing? This class sounds like fun. Maybe I should take it too. – You want to take it together? / – Yes. Hey! Aren’t you going to make your announcement? Oh, right. – Here you go. / – Huh? It’s not like that. Go sit down. – Business! / – Management! Hello! Allow me to introduce myself! Head of the business management department. I’m Lee Byeonghyeon, class of 2016. Please accept my greeting! Hello, Sangjin! Hello! – Hello. / – Hello. – Alright, alright. / – Hello. So… Did you get the text about semester meeting? For this meeting… Sorry for being late. Am I really late? We’ll try to become closer as a department. – It’s $20 per person. / – Why so much? Are you going to pocket some of it? Maybe back in your day, but we don’t do that now. (Business management strategy) Nice to meet you. As you all know, this class is business management strategy. And since this is the first class, I won’t take attendance. – Okay! / – Okay! You should be ready if you read the syllabus. This is our textbook. “Business Management Strategy.” Just buy it at the university bookstore. And as you all know, my class does not have presentations or group assignments. That’s great! We’re going to pick class president today. – Should I pick one randomly this time? / – Yes. Is that okay? Han Suji. Han Suji. Han Suji? Who’s Han Suji? Is Han Suji not here? Han Suji? Han Suji. (Han Suji) Han Suji! Are you not here? Fine, then. Professor! Yes? I’ll be class president. You again? Yes. Alright. – So for this semester… / – Huh? He volunteered to be class president for you? I thought he was gay. I’d prefer it if he was gay. But he’s not. Then why would he volunteer to be class president? I don’t know. He didn’t even remember me. Yeah, probably not. You’re like a shadow. Hey! He should still remember! That’s how I became an outsider. That’s how it started… My life as an outsider started that day 3 years ago. The highlight of freshmen orientation! It’s time for the couple’s dance! Please find a partner and get on stage in 5 minutes. You could say a lot of campus couples are born from this couple’s dance. I see that a lot of people have partnered up. Please hurry if you don’t have a partner yet. Hey, where were you? Han Suji, please step up on stage. And please bring your partner. Alright, no filming. Someone volunteer to be her partner. Well, you’re not that good in those situations. Forget that. My life as an outsider ends after this semester. And then I’m leaving Korea. Are you really going to study abroad? Your parents said it’s okay? They promised that I could go to the Netherlands if I graduated early. Wow… You’re the only crazy girl that would go study abroad because you’re tall. Can you even speak the language there? Yeah. Ik hou van je. What does that mean? I love you. Give me a break… – What is it? Ik… / – Ik hou van je. Ik hou van je? (About your graduation requirements) (You’re short 1 liberal arts credit) What? No way! This is the only 1-credit liberal arts class left. Class starts at 1 o’clock today. – Oh. / – For your skirt. (Understanding social dance) Hello. I will be your guide to the world of ballroom dance. My name is Toni. Don’t call me professor. Just Toni! Because we’re all students just trying to learn about life. There is just one goal in this class. Social, dance. But it’s not the kind of ballroom dance we’re used to. Social, which means it’s a dance where you form a relationship and communicate. I’m sure some of you signed up for this class because there are no exams or assignments. Yes, it’s true. Because you can’t judge communication based on that. So this is how you’ll be graded. You will all put on a formal performance for the festival at the end of the semester. And depending on how good your partnership is, you and your partner will receive the same grade. – Professor. / – Uh-uh. Just Toni! I’m sorry. Toni. Do we just pick our own partners? Nope! Anyone can be with someone who they already know. Partners will be assigned at random. Oh. And we’re going to need a class president. Your name is? Just Lee Byeonghyeon. Okay, Byeonghyeon! Please be good to me, Toni! Likewise. I think he just likes being class president. Oh, really? I thought he just felt bad for you and wanted to help. Tell me about it. Geez! Why did it have to be that class? Darn it… Geez! Why is this so… Oh, it’s you again. Oh, yes. So you’re a part-timer here? Okay, later. Shall we try that again? Start. Oh, stop! Suji. Don’t look at the others. If you do that, you’ll be wobbly like you just were. You’ll lose your balance. Dancing is all about deciding on what direction you go. You become your own milestone. Do you know what the worst thing is? People that don’t move forward, yet don’t step back. There is no halfway with dancing. Got that? Yes. Okay! That’s the end of today’s class! It’s time to draw lots for your partner! Blue for guys, red for girls! Just pick one! What did you get, Mina? I got 8. – What did you get? / – I got 8. Yes! I got 8. – You got 8? / – Yeah. – Beat it. / – What did you get, Byeonghyeon? You really got 8? I got 8. Who picked 10? 10… Professor! Professor! Oops! Toni! What is it? My partner… Do I have to stick with her until the performance? I’m sure I told you this on our first day of class. I’m a bit worried about my partner. Why? Is there a problem? Well, my partner… Is kind of tall for a girl. Dancing should look nice too. I’m just worried that she’s a lot taller than me. Don’t worry! I’m going to drop this class. I don’t want to be humiliated again because of you! I told you during our first class. You’ll be graded on partnership. What if my partner drops the class? – Partnership. / – Partnership? Oh! Goodbye! Man… That’s not what I had in mind… I’m home. Oh! My little girl! – Come here! / – Stop it! Ow! Making us uncomfortable… So dark. Hey, wear brighter colors. I thought a burglar broke in. Hey! Let’s eat some fruit! Come on! Sit, sit. Sit here. Sit. Here. Yum. It’s sweet because it’s expensive. Hey, burglar. Aren’t you going to wash your hands? You sure can eat. That’s why you never lose weight. Hey, Suji doesn’t need to lose any weight! She’s all skin and bones. Bones! Did you take your calcium or not? You didn’t, did you? This stuff is expensive. I told you to take it. Take it. Just her? What about me? You’re big-boned. You don’t need calcium. I’ll make you anchovies for dinner. Eat that. Big-boned people shouldn’t take calcium? It’s expensive. Just give her one. Maybe she wants to grow to 180cm. – Give me one. / – No. – I want one too! / – No. Why don’t I get one? – They’re expensive. / – I want one too! – Give it. / – Let go. No. I’m taking them. – Let go. / – I’m taking them! Hey! Oh, no! Are you insane? Spit them out. No! – Spit them out. / – No! No! Why? Why? Why can’t I take these? Why? Do you think I wanted to be born this way? Shouldn’t you take my side since you’re family? Always criticizing my clothes and my height! I always slouch at school! You think my life’s easy? I’m so sick of this! Spit them out! Oh, geez… Guy, does anyone have a class with Han Suji? Han Suji? Never heard of her. I don’t know anyone like that. I know she’s in our department. – Nobody knows her? / – Nope. I don’t know her. Be more aware of your colleagues, guys. Who on earth is this Han Suji girl? Byeonghyeon! Oh! Hey. – Are you between classes? / – Yeah. I’m about to eat lunch. Did you eat? Not yet. – Want to eat together? / – Alright. Let’s go. What are you doing? Aren’t you coming in? Oh… Well… – Mina. / – Oh. What is this? You two came together? I didn’t know you two were friends. Oh, we were both between classes. Let’s just all eat together. Great. I was about to suggest that. What are you doing? Aren’t you coming in? Oh! I just remembered that I have plans. I totally forgot. I’m sorry. Let’s get lunch some other time, Mina. This place is really good. What a shame. Sorry! I can’t keep living my life like this. Hey, Byeonghyeon. What are you doing here by yourself? You didn’t come to practice today. I just feel strangely tired today. You guys know Han Suji in our department? Han Suji? – Is she hot? / – Geez… You guys don’t know her? She’s a business management major. And she’s really tall. – Around… / – Oh, you mean that girl? The one that disappeared at orientation? – Who? / – Hold on… Oh, here it is. Isn’t this her? Wow, this is still around? I thought she dropped out. I never saw her again. Look at the comments. Would you want to stay in school? Byeonghyeon dragged me on stage with him, so he could show off what he prepared. What happened to this girl after this day? I don’t want to be humiliated again because of you! That means… She meant… Huh? What’s that? She dropped her everything… She dropped everything… Huh? Oh, geez! Darn it! What are you doing here? Your rice puffs… You dropped some. I wanted to show them all something! I wasn’t trying to humiliate you. For the couple’s dance at orientation. I just wanted to show everyone this dance I practiced with a guy in the dance club. It’s not that I disliked you. That’s unrelated to what happened earlier… Oh, that… – I was trying to make up for it. / – Oh. Because I’m tall to be your female partner? No, it’s not like… It’s because I’m too short to be your male partner… I’m sorry. You looked so upset. Alright. Just put your shoes on and go home. Hey, hey. Use one of these before you go. That’s better. Alright, bye. – I won’t do it! / – No, let’s be partners. Come on. I won’t drop the class. Oh… Great! Then I’ll see you in class. – Thanks. / – Don’t thank me. I have to graduate early. Huh? Graduate early? See you tomorrow. Okay! And you don’t have to be so formal with me! Speak casually! Stop! Stop! Not like that! The swing is totally different from tap dancing. If you don’t focus on your partner, you won’t ever be able to dance. Alright, start. – Ow! / – Oh, oh… Where are you looking? Focus on your partner! The swing is a fast dance, so make sure your partner stays on rhythm… – Oh! / – Or someone could get hurt. Stop! Stop, stop. Don’t do anything else. You two. When will you start dancing? Why is this so hard for us? Man, I can do it by myself, but not with her. Hey, Byeonghyeon. Are you okay? About what? Why are you so hung up on that dance class? Just drop it. It was embarrassing to watch. I’m a pretty good dancer, but it’s just been a while. Well, your partner is huge. Is she like this tall? I thought she was a basketball player. Oh, maybe she is. Try asking her next time. You know… Hey, I have to go see Mina. Talk to you next time. Hey, Mina. Geez, that jerk… Huh? Hey… I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Geez… I thought something terrible happened! Gosh… Missy… You need to stop eating in the bathroom. You leave so much trash behind! Just eat in public. Coming through. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I thought something happened in there. It’s okay. I should get going. No… Don’t just leave. I feel terrible. How about I help you with dancing? I noticed you were struggling in class. It must be hard to dance with Byeonghyeon because he’s kind of short. It’s fine. It’s just us girls talking. No. Byeonghyeon isn’t short. And I’m not struggling because of his height. It’s because this is my first time. Anyway, thank you for worrying about me. Suji, what are you up to? (Dancing shoes, men’s shoes, women’s shoes) This would be perfect if the heel was higher. There. How does that feel? Try walking around in them. Wow, they look great! Not really… You two are partners? Just pick out some shoes and tell me your size. You should try some on. Then I’d like those. Size 255. Same shoes! Size 255! This is the best way to relax your nerves. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! Good! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! / – Hey, you seem… A bit different today. Did you drink… – My foot, my foot. / – Sorry. I only drank one can. I was feeling a bit tense. I wanted to do well for today’s class. Then let’s make some progress. Alright. What’s next? The man leads and the woman follows. Just leave it to me. Hey, this is easy. Push, pull, lift. – Let’s do it. / – Okay. Start. Push… Pull… Lift! What is going on here? Who told you to practice this move already? Ms. Suji. Have you been drinking? Is she crazy? – She reeks of booze. / – She’s crazy. Suji! Suji… My goodness. – Suji. / – Don’t follow me. – Suji, wait. / – Let go. – Hold on! / – Let go! I shouldn’t have done this. I should’ve dropped this class. It’s not like it’s going do me any good… – I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have… / – It’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing every time your arm hurts. And it’s embarrassing to practice in the corner, when everyone else is making progress. It’s already embarrassing for me as is. – So… / – You’re embarrassed? Yeah, you’re embarrassing. You’re embarrassing because you always run away. Han Suji. You know this is all because of me. You can’t wear high heels. You have to slouch all the time. My face? Yeah, even that’s… That’s my fault. But… I really want to do a good job. I don’t want to lose to the people laughing at us. How about you? Hey, where are you going? Byeonghyeon. The thing is… – My stomach… / – Your stomach? Your stomach hurts? Why did you drink before… It’s not like that. My stomach… My stomach is really… What’s wrong with your stomach? Suji… Suji. Hey! Hey, Suji! Hey… What the? Darn it! Partnership! (Careful, or you’ll slip) Hey, slow down. You’ll get indigestion. Why would you drink beer on an empty stomach? Do you always starve yourself? Basically. I eat in the bathroom sometimes. What? The bathroom? I feel like everyone’s watching me. Like, “Look at her. She’s an outsider.” Is that why you want to graduate early? Byeonghyeon. “Why is my life always like this no matter what I do?” Have you ever thought like that? I thought I’d be free to do whatever I wanted in college. But now, I’m kind of scared that I’ll live my entire life cautiously like I do now. 010-8438-5324. Your phone got wet. Memorize that for now. What’s that? Hit me up when you want to eat. Don’t starve yourself. And stop eating in the bathroom. Your parents would be heartbroken if they found out. 8438 what? – 5324. / – 5324. You have some too. I don’t like milk. Why not? I got tall from drinking milk. Come in. Wow… Han Suji, Han Suji, Han Suji… Wow! You even taught kids? That’s me in elementary school. I see… You must’ve been good. Why did you quit? Because the boys kept saying I only win because I’m big. You’re not big. When did you start dancing? Since you were a kid? No. I started after high school. Why? Gosh, I’ve never thought about dancing in my life. I don’t know. I just did. At first, I started to show off to others. But dancing made me see myself instead. That’s the only time when I feel like I’m my own master. Hey, we don’t have time. Let’s practice. I feel like dying when I dance. It feels like I’m running around naked. What are you doing? What do you want? – No! / – Come on! Fine, let me take my shoes off first… Come here. Close your eyes. Why? Try dancing with your eyes closed. Are you nuts? It’s hard to get started, but once you start, it’s so easy. I’m closing them. Don’t look at me! Okay, I won’t. – Are your eyes still closed? / – Yeah. You’d better keep them closed! Keep them closed! You two improved a lot. But I bet it’s really hard for you two. Real dancing comes out when you’re out of energy. Try thinking about that. Hey, we’re pulling an all-nighter today. Well… I don’t think practice is going to help us. Then what would help us? Isn’t it obvious? Being the right height. Not this again. Just accept the reality. Hey. Get on. Come on… What are you doing? Stand up straight. Hey! Come on. Get on. Seriously. For real. Oh, just put me down. No, I can do this. – I can do this. / – Hey, you’re going to fall! Are you okay? I’m sorry. I said I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Come on! Suji! Ah… Give me a break. Get off your back and sit. Hey. Let me borrow some clothes. For what? – Ow! / – Give her some clothes. – But she’ll stretch them out. / – Get up! Geez… Wear her clothes. It’s not like I have anything in her size. Borrow a dress. Come on. What? What is it now? We should do something for your birthday. Let’s watch a performance. See you at 7. This should be fun. Byeongjin, you little punk. Look here. Hey. Byeongjin! Didn’t I tell you to act right? Byeongjin, Byeongjin, Byeongjin, you little twerp! Want a facial? A milk facial! Geez… I’m sorry. Huh? What is he doing here? Hey, hold on. – You know that guy? / – Byeongjin! Hey! Byeongjin? Isn’t he Byeonghyeon? – No, that’s Byeongjin. / – He goes to our school. Huh? Aren’t you two supposed to meet today? Hello, sir. Something came up… I’ll get Suji. You can wait here and practice your dancing. Oh… Yes, thank you. So you want to lift Suji? Yes. Do you exercise? Yes, I go to the gym and work out at home… No, not that. Something you need two people for. Like judo or wrestling. No, I’ve never… There’s just one solution. But it’s going to be hard. I can take it, sir. Anything’s… Stand up and hold your position. – Pardon? / – Come on. Quickly. Stand up. Hold your position! Hold it! Hold it! Heave-ho! (Judo studio) The most important thing about lifting someone is knowing your own weight. And you’ll only learn that if you use all your strength to hold your position. I can’t get in touch with Suji. Don’t struggle so much here and go home. Why didn’t you show up today? – Sorry… / – Why didn’t you show up? So you’re the one that was embarrassed of me. He’s a lot like you. Who? – Byeonghyeon? / – Yeah. He and I are totally different. How so? He’s cheerful and he tries his best at everything. And he gets along with everyone. So are there a bunch of tall guys in the Netherlands? Yeah! They’re the tallest country in the world. If I go there, I’ll be average height. This is how you’re just like him. Puffing up like a blowfish or shrinking like a sow bug. Only cowards do things like that. Happy birthday, partner. So what if you two dance a bit differently? There’s no right answer to dancing. It just becomes your own unique dance. Your dance. Can you come to the snack bar tonight? I’ll tell you everything in detail. You look great together. Enjoy the food. – Eat up. / – Okay. – Did you see it? / – What? Did you see what Sangjin posted? It’s Suji. Suji! Hey! Wow, you look pretty. This way. What do you want to drink? Beer? Or… Can I get a table for 3? Oh, hello. No tables right now. You’ll have to wait. Come on, you can do something. Hey, did you get shorter? What happened? Can I sit with you guys? I don’t think so. You need to apologize to Suji first. Apologize? For what? You posted a clip of Suji on social media. Did you even ask her for her permission? Why do I need her permission to post something on my account? I see… Alright, then. Wow, what’s this? – What’s this? / – Gosh! (Han Sangjin) – Hey. / – It’s with security. Don’t worry about this. Hey, I’m leaving. Why? Oh! It’s your best friend. Hey, over here! Over here, Cheolu! You know Cheolu, right? We were in the army together. I heard you two know each other. Long time no see, man. You really changed. But you’re still the same height. Lee Byeongjin. Oh! His name is originally Byeongjin. He was a total outcast in school. He even dropped out. Man, you totally changed your identity. You lied about your age too. You’re a year older. Oh! You saw me, right? A few days ago in Daehangno. Yeah, you ran into me and just left. Anyway, it’s good to see you again, Byeongjin. Aren’t you glad to see me? Wow, you’re a tough guy now. He couldn’t even look me in the eye in the past. Isn’t that right? Hey. Answer me. – Still won’t answer me? / – Hey, man… I said to answer me. You little punk… Is this fun to you, you freaking psychopath? You’re just a bully. You should be ashamed of yourself. Our dance… We put in so much effort, yet it’s still uncomfortable. I don’t think is our fault. That judo throw earlier… You know what the basics are for that move? Charging in. Don’t ever avoid the person. You have to charge in to be able to lift the person. You’ll never win if you avoid it. Let’s trade places. What? Put your hand on top of mine. Like this! The guy’s hand up here, the girl’s hand down here. Partnership. How’s that? Is that comfortable? This isn’t our fault. Byeonghyeon, it’s not your fault. (Social dance 2019, first semester dancers) (Han Sangjin, Yu Mina) (Han Suji, Lee Byeonghyeon) Why would we stand? Let’s sit here. Everyone else is standing. Don’t embarrass us, dad. Let’s go to the front. I’d like to welcome you all to the 2019 Social Dance Night. The students worked very hard to prepare for this performance. Please give them a big round of applause! (2019 Social Dance Night) Oh, no! It’s our turn next. Don’t be scared. Don’t get nervous! Next team, get ready. The next team is Lee Byeonghyeon and Han Suji. We can do this. This performance will be a bit different, so I hope you all enjoy it. It’s Suji! It’s Suji! What’s is that? It’s like a hobbit and a troll! You little… Master Han… (Dance like nobody’s watching) I can’t see because of you. Alright. 38 days until the competition. Action! Come on… Last time. We’ll start from the middle. Ready, go.

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    The ending part i dislike

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    Wow ! can they dance so well ..if I danced like that i would look like struggling squid ..😂😂

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    Best ke ?

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    i need to check first the comment before watching the drama because it will hurt my feelings again just bec. of ending😹😹😹

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    Ending is a bit strange but I'm guessing she accidentally threw him down not unlike the judo move she performed earlier on his bully. By accident. She cried because she was embarrassed.

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    think she's crying because she finally managed to dance with the guy in harmony after all the problem and sever critiques

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    I like it! This is cute!🙌 😻💕

  9. Hamiel Viray says:

    I like it! This is cute!🙌 😻💕

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