South Dakota State University Theatre and Dance majors and minors

December 2, 2019 No Comments

ANNA: I’m from Flandreau South Dakota. I’m a junior in the theatre department. CARLEY: I started dancing when I was 3 years old. BRADLEY: When I was 12 years old I started doing community theatre and I just fell in love with it. ANNA: I would say that my passion for theatre really started when I was a kid. CARLY: Once I came to SDSU, I have grown so much as a dancer and also just as an individual. The dance classes are so good for your overall well-being especially in college is a very stressful place. BRADLEY: I think the college experience is all about doing things that are out of your comfort zone. As soon as I got into the program I was thrust into a lot of different areas of design and tech. [SAW NOISE] ANNA: I auditioned for the show Addams Family and I thought I wanted to act in it and when the cast list came out it said Anna Kitto, assistant stage manager. And little did I know that that would suddenly morph into – Stand by, sound A – Stand by not even a year later me stage managing my own musical. CARLEY: I am a nursing major. I have had the opportunity to do an independent study and and research the mind & body connection. It has been a really amazing opportunity. BRADLEY: So many of the people just opened their arms out to me and said, “Hey, be my friend!”. [LAUGHTER] CARLEY: Mel is so much more than just a professor. Every day you come to class and she does a little quick emotional check-in of how are you doing. – Frock coat? BRADLEY: You’re around these faculty members so much more and so you really start to build this connection with them. CARLEY: The community is incredible. [LAUGHTER] and I’ve made some of my closest friends in the dance program. It’s just one big dance family. BRADLEY: Theatre at SDSU has brought me a lot of joy. It’s just been really a fun experience.

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