string art circulo multicolor por jorge de la tierra

hello friends welcome to a tutorial of
the string art series today I bring you a new work that we have called circle
multicolored to do this job we will use a circular table of
diameter 61 centimeters which we have lined with black Turin cloth and then
having used our bulldozer nails
we have placed 480 of three quarters of inch
then we will use the thread tensioner To finish our work, I remind you
that are available for sale in addition to the designs or sketches of all
My works are sent to any part of the world. thanks, the tensioning of the threads
for this work is done of the next way we tie the thread
on the first nail of the line vertical and let’s go to the 80 nails
that we have in the room of top circumference
ascending here and here going to the left we are going to do it with 6 colors
therefore we will change color every time we have tensed for 14
threads after tightening with the thread
yellow 14 nails now we continue with the orange thread for 14 more nails we continue with the same procedure
with the red thread for 14 nails further ascending here and going to the
left we continue ascending for 14 nails
more with the purple thread we will do the same with the colored thread
blue for 14 more nails finally we tighten the color thread
green ascending in this regard and going to the left We will perform this procedure to
each of the other sides of our work Music Music Music Music Music in this way we terminate with
our work of string ar if you liked do not forget to share this video
and subscribe to my channel thanks i

7 Replies to “string art circulo multicolor por jorge de la tierra”

  1. griselda gomez says:


  2. Felipe Jardim says:

    Hermosas tus artes. Dónde compro estas clavos de colores? No lo encontré aquí en Brasil.

  3. Alana Giacomin says:

    Ficou lindo! Adorei! Como faço para comprar?

  4. Leitor de comentários inúteis says:

    Buenos trabajos….

  5. Marcos Esteban Gutierrez says:

    ✌👽Que efectoo ppordios,💎 muy bueno jorgito, te re zarpas 👏

  6. Subisaji Saji says:

    Which type of thread are you using

  7. Luda Parshuk says:

    Магия красоты!👏👏👏👍👍👍

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