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Super Mario Odyssey: Tales of Recording – PART 15 – Game Grumps

A: Hey, I’m grump. D:I’m not so grump. And we’re the game grumps. A: Hi D: Hello there and welcome to a very unexpected D: Super Mario Odyssey episode. A: You gon’ tell the whole story? D: Sure! It’s not much of an exciting story. D: Oohhh! That air is cold! D: I- I didn’t think it through when you said ‘do you want to leave it on?’ D: It’s- it’s blowing right all over me A: Oh, sorry about that.
D: Hold on. I better- I better go turn it off. A: Do you? D: Yeah D: It’s… I’m gonna catch my death in here! *Arin laughing and repeating* A: Alright D: (distant) I’ll be right back! A: Yeah A: Alright, so check this out. audience members. I’m gonna try this jump. A: That’s uh… D: I’m back! A: O-Okay, hi, welcome back. (distant high-pitched scream) D: Woooahh, sorry Ryan A: I’m gonna try this special jump alright? Uh, a lot of people, uhm, have seen this jump A: but uuhhh, I don’t know if I can do it, but let’s try D: Wooaah..! D: WOAH! A: (strained) Aaahhhhh…
D: Oh, that would’ve been *very* impressive A: I’m gonna try it one more time. I-I didn’t do the- the swirly jump afterwards, I think I did a little too early. D: Holy shit. A: I’ve never made this jump! A: Uhm… A: I’m trying to- I’m trying to capture-less run at home. D: A capture-less run? A: Yeah, you know how you can capture stuff with your cap? D: Yes. A: Uh… So you can go through and beat the game and get 450 stars A: by only capturing 15 things D: That’s pretty remarkable A: (softly) Oh, I fucked it up. D: Okay, great D: Just k… just die m- A: HAAAA-No oh… D: Man, you can only do that twice huh? A: What? D: You can only do that cap jump twice? A: yeeah A: Well, s- it’s- it’s really precise too, like… I’ll try it one more time just to see- show what I’m talking about D: Well in the meantime, I’ll tell the whole exciting story. A: Oh yeah D: We are… we are just off of Thanksgiving break, we’re not supposed to record until tomorrow. A: Yeah… D: I took a 7 a.m. flight out of New Jersey this morning, so I’m a hot mess, and I just came into the office because there was a little package I needed to pick up. Huah! Not the package I’ve usually picked it up, you know what I mean? A: HuAH HAH HAH HA HA HA! D: I’m talking about masturbation!! A: That’s really funny, Dan! D: Cool! and so, like, I- eh, uh- but, uh… to my surprise, Arin and Ryan, eh-uh were here on a Sunday uhm and, uh…. and Arin said ‘hey! It’s serendipitous that you’re here because we just lost a bunch of footage’ I was like (strained and old) ‘Oh good!’ so.. Uh, we- we lost a couple Leisure Suit Larry’s. D: Our apologies A: Yeah D: So w-what was it? Something was wrong with the video? A: Yeah, the audio dropped out. D: Oh, the audio A: Yeah, it just- like- like… Episode three or something that we did it just dropped out. D: That’s a real, damn shame
A: yeah…. D: Because, uh… Boy, that’s an audio heavy playthrough. A: Yeah, yeah, exactly like of all games For the audio to drop out on is I think Sonic Forces is running against it right now and it’s like, if we lost the audio on Sonic Forces I guess it wouldn’t be too bad because there’s subtitles? D: Oh we have some tasty commentary though D: Oh! You mean *our*- our commentary was unaffected? A: No, yeah, the audio from the game
D: Woooow A: yeah A: So because Leisure Suit Larry is like literally just listening to the game g- D: (talking over) conversations. Yeah, yeah, A: I died. D: Oh, wow, yeah you- you jumped right into that tank A: (sigh) yeah D: That’s fine. D: But- so, yeah, so… uh we’re doing a couple make-up episodes, We’ll figure out what to do with Leisure Suit Larry later because uh? Because it’s kind of tricky because we already saved the game past the point where those episodes would have taken place, so it’s not like we can just do them over. Uhm… I *think*? but maybe… who knows? Maybe we were smart enough to save in different slots- I can’t remember! D: I’ve been on vacation.
A: That would be a really smart thing to do, wouldn’t it? D: Yeah. I mean… A: but we di- we don’t. A: We don’t do that. We don’t- we don’t ever do that . D: Yeah, see, I did not learn the lessons of Sierra, which I learned the hard way so many times as a child. Uhh, but whatever! So we’ll figure out and in the meantime, we’re doing a couple episodes of Mario Odyssey A: Yeah, because why not?
D: Yeah cuz uh, we have it. And uh, we-we’ve got to finish this one. It’s too- God, those are unsettling looking… A: Oh. Yeah, well, they’re my friends. D: They look like Trumpy from uh… Uuhhh… What was that… weird French movie that uhm.. uh, with the alien on Mystery Science Theater 3000? T-They’re the one where the guy’s like ‘what do you think?’ and he like gives the okay sign and is like, “It stinks!” (Arin laughing) A: I don’t remember the name of that. D: Oh man A: All I remember is *that* specific moment D: Oh it had that- A: “It stinks!” D: It had that weird alien on it, uh and it kind of looks like those tanks to me. It’s reminiscent in some way A: Well, I’m happy to hear you say that because all it did was remind me of you D: (gasp) A: and I thought for sure that *you* would say that (Dan breathe-laughs) A: And that’s what made me think of you! when I saw it so…. that’s the end of that story. D: Thanks Arin. A: uhm… Do you have any stories? (breaks off laughing) D: Yeah! Dude, I mean, we fucking went through all kinds of shit like we, we We, uh, went to El Paso when we recorded a whole new star bomb. A: Oh god, yeah D: That was craazy
A: That *was* crazy, sent me into uh.. sent me into it a little tizzy afterwards. D: Really? A: Oh yeah
D: What does that mean? A: Heavy depression. D: Whaaat, really?
A: Oh yeah, man D: Why? A: Uuuhh, I think it was just overworked? D: Oh interesting
A: Yeah, I, uh, I-I realized I hadn’t really stooopped working… A: for like, two straight months? Maybe more than that?
D: Yes. yes. A: Uuhh, and so I came home and uh, just like, like- like *real* depression, reeal depression D: That’s interesting because I-I had a series of, like Panicky feelings after it was over. Uhm, like it took me- took me like three days to like relax and unwind. A: About three or four days for me.
D: Yeah, yeah, uh… D: That’s crazy. You didn’t tell me about that. A: Uh, well I haven’t seen you since.
D: That’s true. D: I did text you to tell you what a great job you did though. A: Yes, you did and that was very sweet D: Yeah, and I meant it Uhm… because, uh, it was- it was an astonishing thing to undertake uh, and, uh… I’m… I think it’s Is it fair to say? Well, it’s kind of a cocktease because it won’t be out until like Christmas of next year, but I-I personally think it’s way better than the other two Starbomb albums. A: Oh for sure. It’s a fantastic album
D: because it’s got TWRP on it, and it’s like a full band, it’s… it was- it was very cool because like Because we only gave ourselves two weeks to write and record it, like… it became an exercise in like using your first comic instinct, you know? A: yeahh, I-I think that also benefited a lot too because y-you it’s like… because we held ourselves to writing a song a day, D: Right. A: uhm, Which- which is extremely difficult. D: Yeah, but we refused to like… let the quality of the songs diminish. A: Yeah, exactly
D: So, if we had something that wasn’t working which happened once or twice we were like “fuck!” A: Well it happened more than twice. D: Yeah, but we just like stayed up and fought through it and- or changed the song or something you know? A: Yeah. D: Yeah, it- it was super intense.
A: V-very gratifying, I would say. For me at least D: Yup
A: Uhm… A: But yeah, it was- it was- it was basically the uuhh… that was the last straw for me, uhm, in terms of, uh, being sane? D: Yeah, we- we are horribly overworked, I-I will agree with that. A: Uhm, so, But, but! Super positive experience; super cool experience. D: Yeah A: It felt- it felt like… it sort of felt like family, you know? Like we were on the same place for two weeks Same people, we lived close to each other, we ate together D: You and I were in the same room.
A: Yeah D: Like you-you were- you were the last person I saw before I went to sleep and the first person I saw when I woke up! It was just like I had always fantasized (both laughing) A: Yeah, so it was a- it was a very good time.
D: It was like rock camp. A: Yeah a little bit D: Yeah, a-and we got to hear some great stories Uh From- from all the people because it’s such an eccentric, interesting group of people A: Yes. D: like I- I…. I can’t say it, but one of the members of TWRP like, I never want to give away their identities so it’s like, I’ll just say that one of the members of TWRP used to be a stoner and, uh told this awesome story of being super high in, uh in a van with his friends and pulling into… the Canadian equivalent of a 7-eleven and looking over, like a car pulls in next to them and he looks over (chuckles) and uh… thinks it’s his mom getting out of the car? A: Yeah…
D: It’s not his mom but in his own stony way he was like “Duude, it’s my mom…” “Goooooooooo” (both in a deadpan voice)(starts laughing D: And he’s a very mellow, chill guy so I thought he was recounting it like in a chill way but he had actually been like, “Dude! It’s my mom go!!!” but in fact It actually happened at that day. He was like “duude, It’s my mom…” “Go……” And then his friends just laughed at him and didn’t leave the parking lot. (breaks off laughing and Arin laughs) D: So i-it just- those types of stories would come out at like 10 p.m. at night and- when we’re all giggling uncontrollably
A: A classic tale D: Yeah… it- it was very funny
A: and also just taking advantage of the amazing equipment’n listening to all kinds of good music on like Just the best equip- I think we recorded half of… We recorded half of the vocals of our album on a microphone from the 50’s D: Yeah, yeah.
A: How fucking dope is that? D: Yeah and that and- that and- that board too. That board is like… our producer was like “This is like finding like a 61 Mustang in like cherry condition” Y’know? And I don’t know a lot about stuff like that D: Ooohhp!
A: (sighs) so close… D: But… The-the guys in the studio who… who knew what they were doing Said things along the lines of like “man, you could put anything into this board, and it comes out like magic” yknow? Which was very cool, cuz is it also… It was good to be in El Paso where like there’s no distractions.- it’s super quiet. We were… like, the only thing for miles around the studio was a pecan farm. Or a pecán farm. A: Oh yeah. So I’m just capturing this man real quick.
D: Oh ya, no, hey D: uh…. It’s… you- it’s Friday night for you, bro D: Uuhh.. What is happening right now? A: I-I’m… I’m controlling this man who is remote controlling this taxi. D: Woow.. how… D: What a tangled, inception-like web we weave A: Got it.
D: Niiice! A: It’s like-
D: You got a moon and leapt out of that man’s head… A: Yeah
D: and now you’re back in A: Well, his kid is really good at it
D: (repulsed sound) D: It’s like, *I* feel violated! What… what has happened. A: Uhh, next time on Game Grumps.
D: Oh yeah next time on Game Grumps. A: Uhh, Imma’na- I’m gonna walk around New Donk City. D: New Donk City, baby.
A: That’s what it’s called! D: Oh…. D: Bright yellow and purple. Is there a better combination for all of your clothing. A: Yes. It is *that* one, that I’m about to buy
D: Yeah, it’s real… nice..! A: uhh, I will show you.. after this jump! D: See you then, goodbye! D: Damn girl A: (distant) I don’t know if you knew that but that’s how I end and begin all Game Grump’s episodes D: Starting now?
A: It’s, well… (softly) since the beginning… D: Oh wow. Yeah, boy… D: Shows how much I’ve been paying attention.
A: Yeah dude!

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