Awakening through art | Peter Assmann | TEDxMantova

[Musica] personalmente devo dire che amo molto a dormire amo fare quel passaggio e o in un altro mondo a sognare ma quello che amo di più e poi risvegliarmi già con delle idee che ho preso dal sogno il Read More

Dollar Tree DIY Faux Metal Wall Art | Butterfly & Dragonfly Decor | DIY on a Budget

hi everyone welcome to lovin life's journey I'm Chantal thanks so much for stopping by and if you're new to my channel welcome I hope that you like what you see and decide to subscribe and stick around a while Read More

Computing With Art – Computerphile

We're going to talk about Can we compute with art? can paintings compute and it's it's a broader theme in terms of What are the links between physics and chemistry and biology and computing and indeed art? So I worked Read More

Good Composition #1

hi welcome back this is Wolcott fine art and I'm Jason Wolcott a key element to getting a good work of art is good composition and for a lot of beginning artists that word can instill some fear because you Read More

Photography Composition :: Shape

everybody my name is Ted Forbes welcome back to another episode of the art of photography today we are continuing on in our composition series last week we talked about line and this week we're going to talk about shape Read More