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HELLO all,this is devyani from to our video channel on jobs and careers.Today i ll be talking about the career opportunities in BA drawing and painting. A degree in drawing and painting might not be as tough as a Read More

Inside Romero Britto’s Pop Art Empire

People tell that my style is Pop art. Some people tell whatever. Some people say that it’s a “Britto style” and I’m just like I paint and that’s what I do. I let you know the critics and I let Read More


– Hey, everyone, it’s Nicholas Wilton at Art2Life, and I got this really cool comment. I get this question actually a lot. Joyce Ford asked, “How do you find the time? “How do you find a window of time to Read More

The Best Art Books – Asking Pros

[Music] Stan: What are some of your favorite art Books like instructional, how-to? Sanford: The one that started – started everything for me was how to draw comics to Marvel way. That was the foundation, that was the one that Read More

Jeff Koons – ‘Art is a Vehicle of Acceptance’ | TateShots

This is a lobster that gets set up on a trash can and a chair. It’s called Acrobat it balances itself. This is also aluminium. My name is Jeff Koons. I’m an artist. This studio is located in New York Read More

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Pintura acrílica pintar el fondo con Paynes gris, blanco y magenta si alguien necesita el boceto, envíeme un correo electrónico a [email protected]

Pale Rivers – Montparnasse (Official Music Video)

December 25, 2019 3 Comments

A china dress At Montparnesse Your green eyes Look down on me You can’t stand You haven’t slept in days Your false smile Is taking it away A lovers call A duel at dawn Your honesty Is late The righteous Read More

Art Visit: İstanbul | Sia Moore

December 23, 2019 9 Comments

Hi, I’m not architect Banu Altay obviously, I’m Gencay from Sia Moore. And don’t worry she will be coming back next week! And today I’m here to take you to one of the most enchanting and historical mansions of İstanbul Read More


December 23, 2019 6 Comments

– Hey everyone, it’s Nicholas Wilton at Art2life, and I wanted to share with you this little, cool idea that I shared with the folks that did the Mexico workshop with me. And this is it, that if you want Read More