Avid Media Composer – Trimming

hi I'm Paul Holtz CEO of class on demand class on demand creates the best training in the world for digital content creators the class on demand website is loaded with free high-res video tutorials and today's most popular software Read More

AVX SubCap Effect – Avid Media Composer Tutorial

let's take a look at the avid AVX sub cap generator effect as international distribution becomes the norm open captioning is essential open captioning is a common industry term that refers to captioning that is always visible to the viewer Read More

Media Composer 8.6+ – How To Use Link/AMA Link – The Source Browser

an avid media composer 8.6 and higher as it has changed the way in which we use link now in previous videos you may have seen me right click in a bin and choose something called am a link and Read More

Relinking AMA Avid Media Composer

2 m y es un proyecto powers el ex hombre bastión sí [Música] unos son 6 y a ver [Música] en inglés haber amor culiacán donde las camas cada postura lo prefiero un niño las acciones v si nos vamos Read More

Steve Kanter: Avid Media Composer 8.4 Tips

so please you know I could read this whole bio and it's a very impressive bio no really it it really is impressive bio but I'll take like 15 minutes to to read through it but the really cool part Read More