They Came To Our London Concert – European Tour

We’re here with Felix. He’s invited us to lunch. In Germany, apparently that means if they invite us, they will pay. But, we insist on paying. We have to settle this somehow. We’re going to have a good old-fashioned arm Read More

Landscape Photography Composition | 'S' Curve

so it's early in the morning about half an hour before sunrise and I return to a location that I was in a few weeks ago at sunset and I really wanted to come back and see how different it Read More

Would You Like A COMPOSER Walk In Your Town?

this is the second of one of my improvised events I think he's act lyrica actually linked above come on dr. Liu I did a summer stall cyst solstice video that sir whose age is long and it was quite Read More

The Princess and the Frog (2009) Voice Actors Behind the Scenes. Voice Recording

you there somebody has to say thank you cuz I figured out what your problem is – when you find something that you love it's not a sacrifice at all good things are sure to come your way ain't got Read More

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Media Composer

over the last few weeks I feel that I've kind of abandoned my family somewhat so much traveling not only my family like my kids and my wife but also the piano book family that much of the Monday's family Read More