♪ IT CHAPTER 2 THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

Rise and shine, time to restart, Go fishing at the river where I’ll eat a man’s heart. The Losers didn’t stop me, I just bounced back, Craving fear, I’m starving for a snack. Lure a little girl underneath the bleachers, Read More

PUBG Music Video – Loot Lust

We’re in the top ten and the circle’s closing in we’re in a good spot But there’s something on your mind and You say you haven’t found much loot you need a scope But mainly you need more time And Read More

baVard – Those Days [Official Music Video]

‘Those Days’ Directed by SoundCastle Media-Rob Humm With thanks to Robert Gulston Recorded & Produced at The Banger Hanger and special thanks to Jack Cooper EP ‘NOIR’ OUT NOW ON ITUNES AND SPOTIFY

Dove Cameron, Cheyenne Jackson – Do What You Gotta Do (From “Descendants 3”)

Hold, please. ♪♪♪ ♪ Listen, little girl ♪ ♪ You’re talking to a God ♪ ♪ And I don’t wanna hear that drama ♪ ♪ Kindness ain’t my brand ♪ ♪ Oh, I guess that’s why you ran ♪ ♪ Read More

Sofia Carson, Dove Cameron, China Anne McClain – One Kiss (From “Descendants 3”)

♪♪♪ ♪ Don’t freak out, it’s okay ♪ ♪ ‘Cause true love can save the day ♪ ♪ And I think we feel the same ♪ ♪ But I don’t know ♪ ♪ When we met, it was sweet ♪ Read More

Night Falls (From “Descendants 3”)

♪♪♪ ♪ Watch your back, watch your back ♪ ♪ Watch your back, watch your back ♪ ♪ We can counter their attack ♪ ♪ Hit ’em till the armor cracks ♪ ♪ This could get a little sticky ♪ Read More

Sarah Jeffery – Queen of Mean (From “Descendants 3”)

[weeps] ♪ I’m so tired of pretending ♪ ♪ Where’s my happy ending? ♪ ♪ I followed all the rules ♪ ♪ I drew inside the lines ♪ ♪ I never asked for anything that wasn’t mine ♪ ♪ I Read More