Find Your Inner Ghoul 👻| 🎶 Disney Junior Music Lullabies | Disney Junior

October 17, 2019 7 Comments

♪ Da-da-da Ooh-ah-ay ♪ -(door opens) -(soft footsteps) (“Find Your Inner Ghoul” instrumental playing) (soft strumming) (shimmering) ♪♪ ♪♪ (soft flapping) (soft strumming) (whooshing) ♪♪ ♪♪ (soft strumming) (song ends) ♪ Da-da-da Ooh-ah-ao ♪


Hybrid dinosaur, hybrid dinosau-aur I’ve got big teeth and my claws are sharp, But your legs might be too fast. I will chase you until you run too far, And I’ll find someone else to eat. I’ve got the most Read More

My Very Awkward First Time Drawing Models In Art Class (Animation)

Squid up? No! Squid neutral! Okay so some of you already know, but I’ll mention it again I graduated from an art school and I drew so much nude models over the years that it doesn’t even phase me anymore Read More

Inside the Cell Membrane

September 27, 2019 100 Comments

Captions are on! Click CC button at bottom right to turn off. Updates on Twitter (@AmoebaSisters) and Facebook! In my second year of teaching, I was looking to improve an osmosis lab I had had done the year previously. Osmosis, Read More

3. Intimate, Indispensable GIF – Toyin Odutola | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

September 25, 2019 100 Comments

We’re here on this rainy day on the loose edges of the Garment District in Manhattan to visit the artist Toyin Odutola who was born in Nigeria, was raised in Alabama, studied in California, and now finds herself here. She Read More

♪ JURASSIC PARK THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song Remastered

September 24, 2019 100 Comments

Homicidal Hungry dinos Just survival Hungry dinosaurs Hungry dinosaurs! Need professional testimonials to green light the park Paleontologist, archeologist, Donald brings a rock star A storm surges in and the mood is tense There’s too much to lose, cause I Read More

Making the song with TheOdd1sOut (Life is Fun – BTS)

September 21, 2019 100 Comments

[David]: All right, we just got up here. It’s a beautiful view. [David]: What do you think, James? [David]: This is James. [David]: He’s an animator here on YouTube, and we recently found out we watched eachother’s videos. [James]: That’s Read More

Baby Monkey | Monkey Doo Goes To See The Lion Dance With His Family

September 21, 2019 No Comments

Hello, our dear friends Today is the full moon day of August and also the Mid-Autumn Festival for children So we let Tom and Doo go out and watch the lion dance Lion dance is an indispensable culture in the Read More

Halloween Beat Dance | Children Songs & Halloween Music for Kids

September 17, 2019 4 Comments

“Hey kids! Let’s do the Halloween dance. With Bob the Train!” Let’s dance to the Halloween beat Stomp all your naughty feet Up-and-down-the Halloween street Doing the Trick or treat Let’s dance to the Halloween beat Stomp all your naughty Read More

♪ IT THE MUSICAL REMIX – Animated Parody Song

September 17, 2019 100 Comments

Hiya Georgie! What a nice boat, I got it, but I don’t mean to gloat. Stick your tasty hand into this sewer moat, I’ll give the boat back and teach you to float. Arm’s the appetizer, soul’s the main course, Read More