Preaching Chords Tutorial Follow a preacher

what's up everybody I'm gonna start an a-flat tonight I'm going to show you how to follow a preacher all right start off and F we're going to modulate to a flat right you always want to start off with Read More

How to Write Chord Progressions that Sound Amazing (Piano in View!)

hey guys I'm Jeff Schneider and today we're going to talk about how to create more interesting sounding chord progressions because how many times had heard something that sounds like this right we have heard that so many times it's Read More

My Approach to Chords

Oh all right guys how you doing this for beer hope you're all good so I thought I'd make this video smack bang in the middle of tour I'm currently on tour with Tosca although I am at home that's Read More

Piano Chords for Beginners – 5 – New Beautiful Chord

okay so now that we know that C chord in our left hand we have that one three five seven voicing and then we know kind of have a how a jazz pianist goes about soloing with the right hand Read More

hidden neck pattern that will tell you every chord or note in any key

some of the coolest things happen when the lights go out what is up everybody how's it going out there in this video I'm gonna show you something very very cool cooler than what we just saw give me about Read More

Chords, Chords, Chords!

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Lesson 1 – 23 Ultimate Chord Progressions For Ukulele

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The MONEY Chords

hi everybody welcome to Amy Nolte music this is my third episode in my back to basics series for rock and pop piano a cool thing happened this week my husband John who you've probably seen on my channel a Read More