Advanced Scales and Modes for Improvisation & Composition Tutorial 1.1 Music Theory

hi welcome to our first tessitura pro tutorial this is the first time I am running the app it is showing the Ionian scale which is the regular major scale so here’s the major scale shown as a graph over Read More

Andy LaVerne – Jazz Composition & Solo/Duo Piano Playing Lesson 1

Composition, along with improvisation, is very tied together. When it comes to making you choices when you’re composing and even when you’re improvising, subtle differences can make actually a big difference. Because when you think about the totality of the Read More

Learn EDM Composition: Next Level Composition Week1 – Orientation Lesson

I have X amount of things that I want you guys to learn that I think are going to be really really helpful tricks tools things that if you have you have a course but you can’t get to that Read More

Ben Allison – Extended Bass Techniques & Composition

Some years ago, I got into working with the bass, and the timbre possibilities. Trying some different things. Some new, sort of techniques that I worked on, and using those sounds as launching points for new tunes. Kind of hooking Read More

John Abercrombie – Composition & Improvisation Masterclass

A lot of what I do, is harmonize melody notes. As I’m going. So, in this case, the melody starts here and then goes to the Emaj7, and then goes to a D7#9. A lot of this is navigation, you Read More

Your First Music Composition Lesson – For Beginners

– Students, Tim here from Lessons on the Web, once again. And we’re going to turn our brains into music mode once again today, and we are talking about how to write a simple song, as you can see. So, Read More

Instrumental Piano Guitar Ballad Backing Track A minor C major

Backing track Piano Guitar Slow Ballad style. For electric, acoustic or classical guitar. Ideal to improvise solos. You can also sing, or play different instruments on it, flutes, saxophone and so on. You can improvise by using a scale of Read More

How to Read Sheet Music

How to Read Sheet Music. By a twelve-year-old— [beep] By someone not qualified to talk about sheet music. Let’s start with the staff. This is a staff. This symbol at the beginning tells you which clef to play. There are Read More

Beginner Guitar Lesson #3 – How to Change Chords

hey guys welcome to lesson number three of the series of 10 basic guitar lessons but to buy the guitar lesson comm I'm Tom Fontana and if you remember in lesson 2 we learned a bunch of chords how to Read More

How to Invert Chords on Piano

hello and welcome to piano TV in our last video about chords we talked about how to identify major and minor chords by ear and if you haven't seen that you might want to watch it by clicking somewhere here Read More