Things Non-Musicians Don't Understand About Musicians

everyone so I wanted to talk about musicians so of course I'm going to title video things non musicians don't understand about musicians or music in general I don't understand this is kind of like a thinks I don't understand Read More

Meet the Musicians: Laura DeLuca

hey I'm Lori DeLuca and I'm the second and E flat clarinetist and I started in the summer of 1986 so I'm beginning my 33rd season I feel very very blessed to be part of this family it's a family Read More

Composer Portrait: Fang Man

all the music in my head is very nice big sound I always loved Chinese opera voice I think that maybe it's the drama you see the tools are very exciting all these shapes of the expression this specific Chinese Read More

Impressions of Different Musicians

[ 一句話形容各種樂器 ] 我最喜歡拉主旋律了!伴奏超無聊的…[ 第一小提琴 ] 我最喜歡拉主旋律了!伴奏超無聊的…[ 第一小提琴 ] 第五把位之後是什麼我忘了?[ 第二小提琴 ] [ 第二小提琴 ] 我原本是拉小提琴的…[ 中提琴 ] 但我沒有練琴[ 中提琴 ] 航空公司又砸爛我的琴了![ 大提琴 ] [ 第五次 ] 我可以在琴盒裡面睡覺呢![ 低音提琴 ] 她是吹得不錯啦,不過…[ 長笛 ] 鍍金的長笛音色是能糟到哪去?[ 長笛 ] 嗨,二部小提琴後排的![ 短笛 ] 準備好耳聾了嗎?![ Read More

Incredible high school musicians from Venezuela! | Gustavo Dudamel

المترجم: Mahmoud Aghiorlyالمدقّق: Anwar Dafa-Alla كريس أندرسون : الآن سوف نذهب إلى كراكس لكي نرى واحدة من إبداعات الميسترو أبريو وهو المدير الموسيقي الجديد لأوركسترا لوس أنجليس وهو أعظم قائد أوركسترا شاب في العالم جوستافو داداميل! (تصفيق) (موسيقى) (تصفيق) جوستافو Read More