Composer Patrick Grant

playing piano since I was a kid started playing guitar a little bit later I use the equipment to become even more extensions of my two arms in fact sometimes I can make it sound like I have 16 arms Read More

They Came To Our London Concert – European Tour

We’re here with Felix. He’s invited us to lunch. In Germany, apparently that means if they invite us, they will pay. But, we insist on paying. We have to settle this somehow. We’re going to have a good old-fashioned arm Read More

Classical Violinists React to Mainstream Violin Competitions

嗨,歡迎回到新一集 TwoSet Violin 身為古典音樂人 我們都經歷過許多古典音樂比賽 嗯哼 不論是自己參賽或是作為觀眾 不過今天我們要來切換一下模式 我們要來踏入… 主流電視節目的世界 沒錯,我們要來點評一下 電視達人秀裡的音樂表演 然後再說說我們的看法 雖然我們好像沒什麼資格發表看法 但無所謂!呵呵呵呵 無所謂 接下來要來向全美展現才華的 是這對來自皇后區的兄弟 大家好,我叫 Tourie 我是 Damien 我們是「等弦之輩」 (譯) 不好意思,但等弦之輩 (Nuttin’ But Stringz) … – 呃… Nuttin’?– 喔不 好啦不管 能看到這麼帥的小鮮肉拉琴真的太讚了 能看到這麼帥的小鮮肉拉琴真的太讚了 因為通常小琴手都… 又禿又老 而且你知道,有點油膩 又禿又老又油膩?! Read More