Motif, Phrase and the Ugly | Melody Composition | Music Nerd Revolution

And today’s bonus tape. Hey friends, I’m Anders from the Music No Revolution. Today we are going to talk about the melody motif, the melody phrase, and the ugly. And if you stick to the end I’ve got bonus tape Read More

How composer Matthew Burtner is putting climate change into song

NICK SCHIFRIN: We return to climate change, but on a very different note. Valerie Kern of Alaska Public Media explores how one artist is examining the melting of glaciers to create music. It’s part of our ongoing arts and culture Read More

Aaron Helgeson at the Center for Contemporary Composition

August 16, 2019 1 Comment

(music) AARON HELGESON: When I was a teenager, I would sneak out of school, and I’d get on the bus and I’d go to this CD store that had a Used Classical section. And among all of these tattered and Read More

Coherent Situational Music in Undertale | Game Audio Lookout

August 14, 2019 1 Comment

This is the song “Ruins” from the game “Undertale” and I can’t remember when I had to put down the controller just to listen to the music since then. By the way, I’m Alex and this is “Game Audio Lookout”, Read More

Ben Allison – Extended Bass Techniques & Composition

Some years ago, I got into working with the bass, and the timbre possibilities. Trying some different things. Some new, sort of techniques that I worked on, and using those sounds as launching points for new tunes. Kind of hooking Read More

[Preview] Award-winning Composer Finds Inspiration in Japanese Anime | Offstage Tunes

Most powerful works in my top list are all those works that actually really connects people So what kind of music do you listen to either to find inspiration or just to enjoy? I am an animation fan. Oh I Read More

Mario Paint Composer: Unfinished Compositions – part 1

1. Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story – Final Battle 2. Paper Mario – Crystal King Battle 3. Pokémon G/S/C – Team Rocket Battle 4. Original Composition – Some battle theme 5. Pokémon G/S/C – Rival Battle 6. Original Composition Read More

Original piano compositions by Léa D

you you hey hey i’m theodore I’m French I am currently 16 and a half and I’m Candace so I’ve started to play when I was about five and a half so now it’s almost 11 years I played classical Read More

Checklist when you start writing a song | Composition Tips | Music Nerd Revolution

When I start writing a song, I have a checklist that I want to share with you. Because it’s so much easier when you follow a workflow. Hey, friends, I’m Anders from the music new revolution Before we start I Read More

The mad scientist of music | Mark Applebaum

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Thu-Huong Ha I thought if I skipped it might help my nerves, but I’m actually having a paradoxical reaction to that, so that was a bad idea. (Laughter) Anyway, I was really delighted to receive the Read More