Tanita BC545N Segmental Body Composition Monitor

you for athletes and dedicated sports people striving to monitor and improve their performance over time tanita has developed the new BC 545 and segmental body composition monitor the BC 545 end monitor uses the advanced tanita dual frequency BIA Read More

3 Things to Look Out for When Faced With a Composition Topic

– Lil' but Mighty! – Hmm. Write a composition ofat least 150 words about? I better count thenumber of words I write. The pictures! Ooh, there's a park! Recently, we just wrote a story about a bee attack at the Read More

David Conte, Chair of the Composition Department

Virgil Thompson is someone I admire particularly as a writer and thinker or said composing should be like writing a letter to a friend you sit down decide who you got a right to decide what you want to say Read More

Pre-Calculus – Find the composition of two functions

welcome to my secret math tutor I have an excellent problem here where we will find the composition of two functions now basically the the notation that's used for this looks something like this F circle G X and the Read More