K-Pop | Inside the music phenomenon with Stray Kids, ATEEZ, Dami Im and more | Sunday Night

September 26, 2019 100 Comments

(RADIO STATIONS CHANGE) (STATIC PLAYS) (‘GANGNAM STYLE’ BY PSY PLAYS) (SINGS IN KOREAN) # Hey! MATT DORAN: K-pop is for Korean pop, and it became very popular with Psy’s hit, ‘Gangnam Style’. Nearly four billion YouTube views later, the music Read More

A Celebration: Honoring the City of Lowell through Music

September 13, 2019 No Comments

Good evening, and welcome to the Donahue Family Academic Arts Center at Middlesex Community College. It is really a pleasure to have you here tonight. I’m Jim Baker, the President of the college. And I am so proud to have Read More

[Perrine] EXTRAIT #COMPOSITION LOIN – Disponible sur toutes les plateformes

De temps en temps voraces Ces mots qui nous suivent à la trace Mais j’ai l’audace De tenir ma place Je sais qu’il faut parfois Laisser son ombre derrière soi Pour avancer Pour briser la glace Au-delà de tout ça Read More

[NEO CITY : LOG] Recorded by DOYOUNG (KOR)

Hi, NCTzens~ I’d like to talk about some stories behind our concert for you guys If you see this practice room, the numbers are all written down. Just like the actual concert venue And there’s something I really wanted to Read More

How sign language innovators are bringing music to the deaf

This is Amber Galloway Gallego, she’s interpreting a song for you in traditional American Sign Language. Now here’s the same song but it’s in a specialized version of American Sign Language just for music. You might actually recognize this riff Read More

LIVE ART: All Roads Lead Here

(Music playing.) How are you doing today? Hi. Matt was up hours before we needed to go. He was showered. He had my outfit already. Even though he knew we were gonna be here for ten hours today, he was Read More

Ben Allison – Extended Bass Techniques & Composition

Some years ago, I got into working with the bass, and the timbre possibilities. Trying some different things. Some new, sort of techniques that I worked on, and using those sounds as launching points for new tunes. Kind of hooking Read More

Perkins – Emmanuel Music Concert

[music playing] This is our annual collaboration with Emmanuel Music. And they come here every year and do an assembly for the whole school with our chorus and little orchestra. So it’s a way for the students to perform and Read More


it had to be you it had to be you and hopefully it will be you at the opening of West ports new musical series concerts and cocktail on Thursday April 11th from 6 to 8 p.m. at the lovely Read More