New Bodo Dance(Bodo Modern Dance)

This Video edited by most experience editor Simang Presentation Please leave your Subscribe and Like Thanks for Watching More Bodo Video for you on You Tube search Simang Presentation This video Edited by Simang Presentation Camera by Rwnchang Studio, Tangla Read More

YOUR FAVORITE Dance Moms Video of 2019: Kendall Screams at Ashlee | Lifetime

Brynn, congratulations. You are a member of this team. [APPLAUSE] Abby, how do you really feel about moms who don’t necessarily agree with the way the results went automatically questioning you? Why don’t you just stop? All you want is Read More

Noah Neiman – Hard (Lyrics) ft. Jadelyn

Three weeks in since I’ve even thought of you Then you go and call me up Kinda like you always do And you love her but you say you want me too I Guess I’ll make your mind up for Read More

[TUTO] Break Dance dans les cordes EPISODE 5 – Double Dutch Chorégraphie par Wens

Hi Stylers! How is it going ? Bon appétit if you are eating Good night if you go to bed and you watch this tutorial just before sleeping We know you! Haha! Welcome to the tutorial, me is wens @jeffropestylers Read More

My Dance Journey | Lauryn McClain

Growing up,I was very, very shy.And I always said, “I’m not a dancer” or “I can’t dance” and my sister used to tell me, “You should stop saying that because you can.” And, you know, I would never give 100 Read More

JESSMO – Love The Way You Dance (Official Music Video)

Baby would you like to turn this around There’ll be no surprise, oh oh I don’t know how to begin this time But maybe we could try, to go All the way down All the way down All the way Read More

Get Malaysia’s High Pole Lion Dance listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

This is a Malaysian tradition that the whole world has seen. But hardly anyone knows it is actually Malaysian. This is the High Pole Lion Dance: An Original Malaysian Tradition It all started with these guys, a small troupe from Read More