Rapunzel and 12 Dancing Princesses | Kids Story collection | Bedtime stories

Once upon a time there lived a young couple in a land far far away They did not have any children, but they really wanted to have a baby girl After a short period of time the young lady was Read More

How to Trance Dance : Your First Trance Dance Experience

Hi! I’m Cambrey Lindsay Baccus with Expert Village and I am here today to talk to you about trance dance. As you are trance dancing, if you feel like you absolutely need to get water and you can’t continue without Read More

Ellen & tWitch Try to Guess Another ‘Masked Dancer’

Last night was the season finale of The Masked Singer. And what a finale it was. There were masks and singers and people trying to guess who they were. And it all came down to the Bee, the Monster, and Read More

Fortnite Song | Dancing On Your Body | (Battle Royale) #NerdOut! [Prod by Boston]

Land on the map, it’s time to go all my people in the squad are tryin to find a foe we was gettin in the groove on the battle bus now look at these fools comin after us Everybody come Read More

ClaireaBella Girls The Jerk Dance Tutorial

Hey, I’m Malika from the Shockarellas and I’m here with Jordan, Hanna and Marcy from the ClaireaBellas and today we’re going to teach you some basic dance moves to put into your own routines so, today we’re going to do Read More

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Paisley Goes to First Daddy Daughter Dance | Behind the Braids Ep.24

(cheerful music) – Hi. – Yeah. – Daddy daughter dance? – [Mindy] Ooh, they’re gonna be so pretty. ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday to you – Hey everyone, welcome back to another episode of Behind the Braids. Read More

How to Do Hip Hop Dance Moves : How to Do the Forward Slide Hip Hop Dance Move

The next move I’m going to show you is the forward slide, it’s like a forward moonwalk the same technique as the backslide as the moonwalk but just forward. So all the weight on one leg on the toes and Read More

Bharatanatyam South Indian Dance Lessons : Bharatanatyam Indian Dance Ending Tips

In this clip we’ll show the ending of the composition Ganapati Kaudvam. In which the rhythmic steps and a short Abhinaya or line of poetry will be shown. Ready, one, two. Tey Hat Tey Hi. Tey Hat Tey Hi. Ganapati Read More

Polka Dance Steps : History of Polka Dance

August 23, 2019 1 Comment

Hi there. We’re here to talk about Polka and it’s not the dance that you would think of. The Polka is actually a dance designed in 1830’s down in Auk, Bohemia and it’s a fun little dance that swept across Read More