West Side Story – Prologue – Official Full Number – 50th Anniversary (HD)

[MUSIC – “PROLOGUE”] -Watch this shot, now. -Hey! -Shoot man! Go! Hey! -Yeah! -Yeah! -[LAUGHS] -Hey, dark skin, what you doing out here? [MUTTERING] -[WHISTLING] -[MAKING KISSING SOUNDS] -[CHUCKLING] -Sheesh! -[WHISTLING] -Hey, chicky! -Hey! Hey! Hey, boy! Hey, Jet boy! Read More

Ellen and tWitch Play ‘Do You Think They Can Dance?’

October 18, 2019 No Comments

I love watching my audience dance before the show. One of my greatest joys really in life, that and flossing. And I don’t mean the dance, the floss, I mean don’t neglect your gums everybody. It’s very important to floss. Read More

Zomboy – Mind Control | 4th of July collab Dance

October 17, 2019 21 Comments


Life Is A Slow Dance With You: Waltz

October 16, 2019 No Comments

Apart point, together touch to closed, twisty balance left, and right. Twirl vine, pick up to closed line, 2 left turns. Box. Twisty balance left and right, twisty vine 3. Maneuver, 2 right turns. Hover, pick up, 2 left turns. Read More

New York’s Incredible Subway Dancers

With commuters cramming into New York’s subways every day, it’s hard to believe there’s room for anything more than reading a newspaper or checking a text. Enterprising dance group WAFFLE spice up the journey home with astonishing acrobatics. Andrew: Hello, Read More

Happy to the Birthday Alex! (Godzilla Dance) [SFM]

*looks left* *looks right* *its 4am and itS SUMMERTIME* *some edgyass dancing* *more dancing* *tail whips* DEATHLOOK ANOTHER DEATHLOOK wait nvm theres more dancing last neato dance moves i promise happy saint saintrick day 😀

The Legacy of Dance

October 14, 2019 1 Comment

SUSAN SHIELDS: Ready? Inhale… And… Ya da da da da da [Singing and snapping] In today’s technology, you could always throw on the DVD and learn the dance. You could. And you could learn the steps. But the soul? The Read More