"Part Of Your World" But Half The Chords Are Wrong

instead it'll do good morning everyone good afternoon everyone it's 3 p.m. Matt and I going to Greece tomorrow pretty cool and I haven't uploaded a video in so long and I don't really record much I'm gonna try and Read More

Deadpool The Musical 2 – Ultimate Disney Parody!

[Intense music] That's right! NOT Safe For Work. Play nice! [Automatic gunfire] Deadpool: Aw, shit! [Gunfire, intense music] Deadpool: Catch! Deadpool: Missed me! [Music intensifies] Deadpool: Ding dong! [Guard screams in pain] Deadpool: You get a bullet! And you get Read More

Pancake Art Challenge Mystery Wheel & Learn How To Make DIY Avengers, Incredibles 2, The Grinch Art

so the round while we drew grinch which is you I just broke a little bit but it still tastes really yummy no no it's cute just the way you like it hey everybody today we are doing the pancake Read More


got a thumbnail starting in the video sweaty not a great idea cuz I straightened my hair today my hair is naturally curly so when I sweat it curls so my curling iron broke so I figured I'd straighten my Read More