scientific notation of decimal numbers

today's lesson is on writing decimal numbers in scientific notation the example for this will be just like with whole numbers you need to first move the decimal after the first number from the left that's not a zero that Read More

Scientific Notation Introduction, Multiplication and Division, Adding & Subtracting, Decimal & Stand

in this video we're going to review scientific notation so what is it and why do we use it scientific notation is a simple way to write very large numbers or very small numbers for example instead of writing the Read More

Examples: Dividing Numbers Written in Scientific Notation

we want to divide these two numbers written in scientific notation without the use of a calculator to do this we can think of dividing this up into two different fractions connected by multiplication so this is equivalent to 7/2 Read More

Scientific Notation Introduction – Multiplication, Division, Adding & Subtracting, Standard Form

today we're going to talk about scientific notation how to convert it to decimal form and back how to multiply divide add subtract find square roots significant figures and pretty much everything you need to know about scientific notation but Read More

Dividing in Scientific Notation 127-4.11

this video is going to be about dividing numbers that are written in scientific notation so here's the first example I've got three point six times ten to the fifth and I'm dividing that by 1.2 times 10 to the Read More

Scientific Notation – Multiplication and Division

in this lesson we're going to focus on multiplying two numbers in scientific notation so let's start with this example let's say if we have 4 times 10 to the 4 and we wish to multiply by 2 times 10 Read More