Elements of Art: Color | KQED Arts

a lot of representational art attempts to portray the world realistically by mimicking three-dimensional space and attempting to faithfully render objects as we see them however many artists embrace a different reality so-called color field painters of the 1950s and Read More

How to photograph your art

hi i'm tyler Selman from Saatchi online.com and today i'd like to talk to you about photographing artwork of course the first step is to create some art if your work is on canvas great but if it's on loose Read More


14 artists will be given a unique opportunity to show their talent to America and the top players in the art world fantastic mentoring the artist is renowned auctioneer see multiple hey I know you can do it whoo I Read More

Art and Activism with Eyeone | LA Street Art Gallery

my name is i1 I grew up here in Los Angeles I'm originally from Mexico City when I came here ah now six and I've been here ever since I think my first influence was my parents and they continue Read More

How to Make a Collage – Materials, Composition, and Tips

hi welcome to mr. Ottar studio today I'm going to go over the basics of making a collage so we're gonna go over the materials that you use how to compose a collage and how to finish a collage there's Read More