Vocal Lessons Pop Filter will Improve Singing when Recording Tutorial

Hello Musicians thank you for joining us my name is andrew mercer and in this very short singing lesson I will give you some vocal techniques adversaries say is that uh… many subscribers two-minute videos that they have asked about Read More

Making Music in Logic Pro X Course | Learn Music Online at Soundfly

There’s a lot to love about Logic these days. And producers, sound designers, songwriters, and film composers can all agree, it’s an environment with a lot of flexibility and power. Welcome to Soundfly’s Intro to Making Music in Logic Pro Read More

The Science of Sleep (and the Art of Productivity) | Dr. Matthew Carter | TEDxNorthAdams

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs I’d like to start by asking you to imagine yourself in the following scenario: you are a high school senior, or the parent of a high school senior, and you’re interested in a potential Read More

Dance Party at LBCC

[music plays] Spangle Lang Lane by Justin Porter alphabetical head-to-toe flow is so incredible gorilla glue give my word so I never let it go to constant consonants rhyming with a common sense and my box then let us drop Read More

Brain Breaks – Dance Song – Dancing Robots – Children’s Songs by The Learning Station

♫ Healthy music for a child’s heart, body and mind (rhythmic beat) ♫ Tummy in, shoulders back ♫ Robots stand still, we’ll stand up straight, not moving ♫ We’ll move then stop ♫ It’s hard to bend that steel ♫ Read More

Bob Mintzer – Jazz Composition and Arranging Masterclass

Composition is an intergal part of certainly any jazz musicians repertoire. There should be some level of intention when you go to write something. There should be something you’re writing for. The comp in this particular tune in six/eight is…Another Read More

Band Project at the University of Minnesota School of Music

Band Project is an after-school instructional program. It’s a collaboration between the University of Minnesota School of Music and the Minneapolis Public Schools, in particular Folwell Performing Arts Magnet School. Undergraduate music education students from the School of Music work Read More

General Chemistry – Stoichiometry – Percent Composition of Compounds

August 21, 2019 1 Comment

In this video we’re gonna calculate percent composition. Percent composition is the percentage of each element present in a pure substance. Let’s take a simple problem. Calculate the percent composition by mass of glucose. C6 H12 O6. The first step Read More

All About That Bog Music Video

Because you know I’m all about that bog, ‘bout that bog, Go wetlands! I’m all about that bog, ‘bout that bog, Go Wetlands! I’m all about that bog, ‘bout that bog, Go Wetlands! I’m all about that bog, ‘bout that Read More

ART/ARCHITECTURE – Andrea Palladio

Vicenza. 25 miles inland from Venice, is one of the leading sites of global architectural tourism- and for one reason. Many of the works of Andrea Palladio are located in and around that town. Andrea Palladio was born at the Read More