Audacity Tutorial : Multitrack Recording Voice and Guitar at Same Time

hello thank you for joining us my name is Andrew Mercer and in this very short tutorial I will show you how to multitrack recording voice and guitar electric guitar in your voice at the same time in audacity to Read More

Audacity Tutorial How to Add Vocal Effects to Voice Track Recording

hello musicians mining dangerous ur danish or tutorial i’m gonna show you how to add effects two vocal tracks in audacity uniting effects of vocal tracks is much the same zoning affects to any track um… so i’m gonna show Read More

Audio Slow Down & Speed Up Effect in Avid Media Composer

hey everyone this is mark from red arrow industries here for another to-the-point tutorial in this tutorial I'm gonna go over hmm what was it gonna go over again oh right I'm gonna go over how you can create an Read More

After Effects Tutorial | After Effects | Looping Compositions

welcome to this Lee Daniels art quick tip tutorial looping compositions in After Effects here's a one-second pre-comp which is basically one segment of a walk cycle the main composition is ten seconds long so to turn this segment into Read More

Create astonishing compositions with Double Exposure Effect Photoshop Action – Tutorial

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Art of the Instakill

杀死敌人 是我, Mario。

How To Save Effects – FX Compositions | Pinnacle Studio

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