New Bodo Dance(Bodo Modern Dance)

This Video edited by most experience editor Simang Presentation Please leave your Subscribe and Like Thanks for Watching More Bodo Video for you on You Tube search Simang Presentation This video Edited by Simang Presentation Camera by Rwnchang Studio, Tangla Read More

Artist Uses Thousands Of Nails To Create 3D Art

COMM: Artist Wajid Khan has patented his own unique way of creating portraits, using nails. COMM: This picture has taken almost seven months to complete and has used 115,000 nails. COMM: Wajid completed his first nail portrait in 2005, a Read More

น้ำลายสาด EP.1 | อาร์ต ภาคภูมิ (Art CuteBoy Thailand) ปกติเรียกสุกี้ว่าหมูจุ่ม | [ENG SUB]

Jade noodles? Can i order only jade noodles? Are you confused? If there’s no jade noodles with pork, I’ll just have jade noodles. Are we recording yet? This is a real reality show. Start the show. Hello This is… I Read More

Ivana Raymonda – Without You (Original Song & Official Music Video) 4k

Thank you so much Roger Beleffi, from MISSasubuhi, for sponsoring this video. When I wake up For a moment all is good Then it hits me, my love is gone What to do? Without you! First I panic After that Read More

nudinits – Bernard and Barbara’s Big Ding Dong

December 23, 2019 1 Comment

Oh Bernhard don’t point that thing at me I haven’t turned it on yet yes you have I’m not ready I haven’t even brushed my fufu I don’t often have someone knocking at my back door oh happy Christmas Jim Read More

Who decides whether art is ‘good’ or ‘bad’? | A.O. Scott

December 23, 2019 33 Comments

I think that taste hierarchies do exist and they’re almost always the kind of the representation of other sorts of hierarchies and assumptions. And that’s why I really think that part of the job of criticism is to be against Read More

Like U Used To (Official Music Video) – Hannah Trigwell

December 3, 2019 12 Comments

Why you looking like that Like you’re ready to attack Got me filling in the gaps Hit me with a killer comeback What’s it gonna take for me to make you see I just need a break from all this Read More

Land Art: Celebrating the work of Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson and Walter De Maria

November 30, 2019 2 Comments

There are no values attached to something like this because it’s not portable and then not a malleable barter exchange object And that says it You can’t trade this thing You can’t put it in your pocket If you have Read More