Recording a Sound with Oboe

in the previous videos we've seen how the oboe library makes it easy to play low latency audio but what if you need to record audio in this video I'll show you how to setup low latency streams for recording Read More

Google Cloud Messaging performance factors – Google I/O 2016

hey thank you for coming I'm Todd I work on Google Cloud messaging now called firebase Cloud messaging I focus on performance specifically reducing battery consumption improving reliability and reducing latency with me on stage is Kiran hi I'm Karen Read More

Can an Artificial Intelligence Create Art?

here's an idea the question is not whether computers and artificial intelligence can make art the question is whether we will allow them to make art from drawing machines to early digital art and now AI we've wondered whether the Read More

Designing for Great Performance — Designer vs. Developer #9

how do you think we could get to a place where we can design with performance in mind rather than it being an after for shipping a user experience that is performant on mobile is sort of this Symphony between Read More