MY ENEMY ART SUPPLY?! – Giving Watercolor Pencils a Chance

Well. Today’s the day. Am I finally going to see if I can love Watercolor pencils? ✨Oooohh.✨ They’re beautiful. But can I love them? Faber-Castell sent me this 120 pencil Watercolor set- No, that’s not it. No not one, but Read More

How to turn your iXm Recording Mic on + off

October 18, 2019 No Comments

To turn on your Yellowtec iXm Microphone you have to press a combination of two buttons. And these buttons are the STOP button on the Playback Keypad in combination with the REC button on your Dashboard. Once you pressed this Read More

How to record a video chat: QuickTime Screen Recording

October 17, 2019 43 Comments

Well, if you have a Mac— I have OS 10.7 “Lion” and you have QuickTime Player— I have 10.1, then you can actually use QuickTime Player Screen Recording to record whatever’s on your screen, including a conversation with somebody on Read More

Clean iOS Architecture 101: Good Composition Traits

October 16, 2019 1 Comment

Caio: What are some good valuable side-effects of composability? Well, creating those assets… Creating this pluggable architecture. These composable types that can be reused. Recomposed in different ways to perform different tasks. To test in isolation, in parallel… To reduce Read More

DIY String Art Tutorial – How to Make String Art | Hobby Lobby®

October 13, 2019 13 Comments

Want to give a handmade gift but you’re crunched for time? Why not try string art? The supplies are simple, the designs unending, and chances are, you can complete one in less than an hour. The basic supplies you’ll need Read More

Miking a Bass Cab – James LoMenzo’s Guide To Recording Bass – Part 3

October 13, 2019 7 Comments

one of my favorite simple techniques to record a cabinet, is to simply set up out in the garage or in a shed or somewhere in another room. I like to just get a simple table like a bridge table Read More

Clean iOS Architecture 101: Composition over Inheritance

October 12, 2019 1 Comment

Caio: Why should we prefer Composition over Inheritance? Or why is Composition better than Inheritance? Well this principle saying “prefer Composition over Inheritance” it actually has a name. Well this principle saying “prefer Composition over Inheritance” it actually has a Read More

The Art of Seduction ft. Dita Von Teese

In my dating life, I can’t tell you how many men I’ve encountered, especially like young men, and they’ll straight-up say, “I’ve never seen anything like this in real life!” And that’s what you want to hear. You want to Read More

How to Use Relax My Dog Music!

October 10, 2019 3 Comments

hi everybody and welcome back to relax my dog and now today me and milo have quite an interesting topic we are going to be talking about how to use relax my dog music for you and your dog obviously Read More