Listen To These INCREDIBLE Sounds Recorded In Space! (Part 2)

From the sound of planets crying to the booming roar of Jupiter, here are 7 more of the most incredible sounds from Space!!! 7.) Sound of Pluto In July 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft transmitted numerous images and other data Read More

Ellen’s Life-Changing Surprise for an Amazing New York City Dance Crew

If you’ve ever taken a New York subway, chances are you’ve seen our next guest. They are 10 dancers from the Bronx whose videos are constantly going viral. I said I wanted them here, but we couldn’t get a subway Read More

Tavaris Stirs Up Another Amazing Performance on the Dance Floor

As always, you look fantastic. Thank you. How are you? Good. Good. You look like you’re just getting bigger. You graduated kindergarten? Yes. And how was that? It was good. I was looking fly. Oh. What did you wear? I Read More

Cruising In Japan’s Famous Deco “Art Trucks”

00:13 COMM: Pimped up deco trucks are big business on the streets on Tokyo. Drivers of working trucks are customising their vehicles with dazzling LEDs and Japan junkie and car enthusiast Steve Feldman went to find out more. 00:43 COMM: Read More

Funny street performer with amazing skills in Union Square, New York City – Part 1

shall we no no I don't think you want to see you turn around and face stuff away okay I don't think do how much a black guy why did I Sioux Falls Fieri don't move okay okay because if Read More