Art Fundamentals: Color Theory

I’m Glenn welcome to my art fundamental series and each episode we’re going to be take a look at a different or fundamental that every artist should know and colors is the topic of this particular episode of swatches [Music] Read More

Top 10 Instrumental Songs: Hard Rock and Heavy Metal

who needs lyrics when you’ve got killer guitars welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten hard rock and heavy metal instrumental songs for this list we focused on hard rock and heavy metal Read More

Photography Tips: Location Light and Composition

somebody put really really really powerful comment on one of my videos the other day they said there is nothing worse than a sharp picture of a fuzzy idea and how true that is you gotta think your way through Read More

The History of Martial Arts of the Entire World • Brief Martial Arts

History of Martial Arts Anyone could name a whole set of different martial arts. Most have tried at least one of them at some point in their lives or actively practices it. Yet when we look at the history of Read More

Photography – Composition Techniques

VOICE OVER: In photography, composition is the way in which various elements within an image are arranged, and how they work together to create balance or drama. RICARDO DA CUNHA: Now there are a number of compositional guidelines that are Read More

Why does our recorded voice sound different? | #aumsum

Hello Why does our voice sound different when recorded? Our inner ear detects sound vibrations informing our brain about the voice or sound and thus, helping us hear. But did you know that when we speak, we hear our own Read More

Cat on window – SPRAY PAINT ART by Skech

Welcome to Skech’s SPRAY PAINTING , Crafting and DIY Art. What’s up YouTubers thanks for your great support and for today i have something special for u especially for all of u who love cat’s. So if u are first Read More

John Abercrombie – Composition & Improvisation Masterclass

A lot of what I do, is harmonize melody notes. As I’m going. So, in this case, the melody starts here and then goes to the Emaj7, and then goes to a D7#9. A lot of this is navigation, you Read More

Five(ish) Minute Dance Lesson – African Dance: Lesson 3: Dancing on the Clock

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. My name is Rujeko Dumbutshena. I am from Zimbabwe, which is in Africa. And this is– Farai Malianga. I’m also from Zimbabwe, which is in Africa. And we have our students here that will be learning with Read More

Photography Tips: Light and Composition

well this obviously isn’t somewhere warm and sunny is it light the light on my face how look how hard is look at these shadows on my nose this is the most appalling light for soft subjects like a human Read More