How to Setup Multi-Track Recording & Record Live Commentary w/ Elgato Game Capture HD

November 18, 2019 27 Comments

My name is EposVox and today I’ll be discussing the “Live Commentary” and multi-track recording capabilities of Elgato Game Capture HD software. I will have other tutorials on Elgato’s capture cards and a plethora of other technology topics on my Read More

Lady Gaga – Just Dance at ENIGMA (Live from Las Vegas)

November 17, 2019 100 Comments

Sejam bem-vindos ao show. Antes de começarmos Por favor… Tenha certeza de que câmeras, Mecanismos de vídeo, luzes Ou dispositivos móveis de qualquer tipo que você tiver Estejam ligados.

TEDxObserver – Peter Lovatt – Psychologist and dancer

November 17, 2019 24 Comments

Translator: Tanya Cushman Reviewer: Cristina Bufi-Pöcksteiner So, hello, um, wow! This is amazing, amazing, amazing! Hello up there, hello. Great. Right. So, I’m interested in the psychology of dance, and I want to know things like “Why do we dance?” Read More

Liza Koshy Tries Pole Dancing | Liza Tries It | TRL

November 16, 2019 100 Comments

♪ ♪ What up, suckers? It’s your girl Liza. And you guys know I am down for anything, and today I’m about to get down and dirty ’cause today I’m taking a pole dancing class. Baby, I’m about to try Read More

2020 Democratic Debate in Houston | The Daily Show

With ten Democrats lined up and ready on the stage, it was time to begin the third Democratic presidential debate. And while most of the candidates used their opening statement to pitch their version of America, Kamala Harris decided to Read More