Top 10 Electronic Dance Music of the 2000s

♪ Music ♪ ♪ Music Legitness♪ ♪ Can I dance to this?♪ ♪ Just boppin’ my head here.♪ ♪ Numa numa iei♪ ♪ Really cool, man.♪ ♪ Sounds like some depressing dance. ♪ ♪ Don’t know why, but getting some Read More

How to Read & Write Graphic Notation (part 2) – Music Stuff With Spock #9

hello and welcome to music stuff with Spock and part two of our exploration of how to read and write graphic notation in graphic scores to begin I'll start with a brief recap of what we looked at in part Read More

HOPERF37 – Hohner Performer Melodica M 37 $85

here we have the Hohner performer 37 melodica this is a 37 key melodica from F down here up to F up there it comes with the trumpet mouthpiece and the tube mouthpiece the tube mouthpiece you put you can Read More