Unleash your inner rock star with Skoog: the musical instrument for everyone!

*Music played throughout* Play the music you love straight out the box Skoog. The musical instrument for everyone. Unleash your inner rockstar!

Rhythm Writer – Phyllis Thomas

rhythm writer is an interactive software package that lets you and your students explore different types of rhythmic notation and meter simple buttons make it easy to navigate and the engaging graphics help to make learning fun select a notation Read More

Form in Jazz Compositions

jazz is a term that can be applied to a vast array of musical styles anything from the big-band music of Count Basie and Duke Ellington through the Rat Pack singers as Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis jr. all the Read More

We like Music – Just like you

I’m a very cheerful person and I really enjoy working with other people and I think that's why I was so drawn to orchestral music just because it is essentially, you know, you get to play music with loads of Read More

Course Overview: Music Theory and Composition 4 | Berklee Online

(calming piano music) – I'm really excitedabout creating this class because it's really virtually a tasting menu of incredible techniques that will allow students toexpand their musical vocabulary. – This is the fourth ofa series of four courses, and it Read More

How Music is Made with composer Myra Melford

[Applause] this is now my first full season with with the organization and this was a project that was in motion even before I joined on Steve Schick our previous artistic director had helped to set in motion and so Read More