MiatriSs – December (Instrumental)

♪ Do You Remember? ♪ ♪ Our days have passed like a dream ♪ ♪ You were so tender ♪ ♪ Gifts and music Happy guests ♪ ♪ That December You still caught snowflakes with your mouth ♪ ♪ Do Read More

Omar Arnaout – Insaha ( feat.Chawki) (Official Video)

Come on, Omar! Come on Chawki! From Morocco to lebanon Lets connect the whole world! Come on, come Chawki! Sweetheart! This is my daughter, my friend It’s my heart! Stay away You say it’s yours. I wonder where did you Read More

Starset – Monster (Official Music Video)

Under the knife I surrendered The inocence yours to consume You cut it away And you fill me up with hate Into the silence you sent me Into the fire consumed You thought I´d forget But it´s always in my Read More

Jacob Sartorius – Hit or Miss (Official Music Video) Reaction | Collins Key

– Oh, wait. This is so funny ’cause I was like literally the tallest person by over a foot, and you can tell ’cause I. (laughs). (bleep) What’s up? It’s Collins Key, and today is a very special day because Read More

Radha – SOTY | Alia Bhatt | Sidharth Malhotra | Varun Dhawan |Udit Narayan|Shreya Ghoshal

“Krishna roams around with Gopis.” “He plays with them, can’t stop..” “Now I don’t like him.” “Radha on the dance floor. Radha likes to party.” “Radha likes to move that native Radha body.” “Radha on the dance floor. Radha likes Read More

Starset – Satellite (Official Music Video)

Each day is the same Wake up, set the binary coordinates, wait. Pour over the data but nothing breaks through Something about this storms ionic charge dialates signal strength I’ve recounted the rations There’s time for one more shot (breathing) Read More

Ben Mitchell – CHANCE TO LOVE (Official Music Video)

What can come of this life? There’ll always be day and night Until the end of time What does it mean… …to be alive? Nothin’ much Nothin’ much Nothin’ much Just a chance to love Nothin’ much Nothin’ much Just Read More

BIG BAND Music Swing Piano Jazz Instrumental Songs Playlist 2 Hour Video Relax Lounge Sax study mix

BIG BAND Music Swing Jazz Instrumental Songs Playlist 2 Hour Video Relax Mix 2014

Ariann – MANDO YO – (Official Video)

hola hola ¿nos vemos hoy? ¡Vamos a hacerlo! y vienen todas… ¿Te sumas? Ok Ari, allí estaré ¿Dónde quedamos? En el bus… Allí estaremos… Dale power… DILE A TU AMIGA QUE VENGA Y QUE LLAME A CUALQUIERA QUE ASÍ SOMOS Read More

Marshmello – Imagine (Official Music Video)

♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ Artist of the month meeting ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ Joytime III coming soon