(Weekly Idol EP.310) BLACKPINK Random play dance FULL ver.

لقد مضى 6 اشهر منذ آخر عودة صحيح ؟ نعم …. من يود ان يقدم الأغنية الجديدة ؟ …. من سيقوم بذلك؟ … اغنيتنا الرئيسية الجديدة "كالمرة الأخيرة" .. حتى الان قمنا بتأدية اغاني ذات مفاهيم قوية .. لكن اغنيتنا Read More

LA Times NewStory Fesitival 2018 – Beatie Wolfe – The Power of Music & Dementia

thank you everyone for coming this is the first time that the LA Festival of Books has opened the doors to other forms of storytelling I was very happy to be asked to guess curate this first news story experience Read More

Hall of Music Preview – National Museum of American History

I'm John Gray the director of the National Museum of American history and I am in the being built hall of music music is the way we express our own identity it's how Americans understand and how we grow this Read More

Great Composers: Béla Bartók

not only was he Hungary's most famous composer since Franz Liszt but he was a founder of the field of ethnomusicology and in all he collected nearly 10,000 folk tunes I'm the classical nerd and today we're talking about the Read More

Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE!

閉嘴! (神奇寶貝復仇主題曲安東尼 帕迪亞&伊恩 席克斯A smosh.com 製作) 那一年是 2005年 YouTube 才 剛開站! 所以我們做了 一個影片 只是 為了 樂趣! 我們對嘴唱了 神奇寶貝的主題曲 我們認為這 是 OK的 不過突然 有個人刪了它 宣稱是 版權所有! 神奇寶貝! (你根本不懂法律)為何你不明白 那只是 模仿! 神奇寶貝! oh 你本來 很酷的 直到你變 成了一個 工具! 神奇寶貝! (你可以下地獄了)有那麼多意見 你的律師團 全都是 Read More