Danny Trachtenberg Recording with Discrete 4 Synergy Core, Auto-Tune & Edge Solo Modeling Mic

Hi, my name’s Danny Trachtenberg I’m a recording a mix engineer and a producer working with Octavian, Plan B, Stormzy, Skepta, Kojak, J Warner. Today we’re in the Puzzle Factory. We’re working with J Warner an artist I’ve mixed for Read More

MGS PEACE WALKER – Heavens Divide (instrumental)

Petals of white Cover fields flowing in grieving tears And all the hearts once new, old and shattered now Love can kill, love will die Give me wings to fly Fleeing this world so cold I just wonder why Cold Read More

Jenna Dewan Was Kelly’s Backup Dancer During A Walmart Parking Lot Performance In The 2000s

(crowd applause) – One of my first things ever to do after Idol and I don’t know if it’s one of your first things you’ve probably been dancing since you were a kid. But… we met and you were back Read More

Biopsyhoz – нХи (Official Music Video) 4K / 18+

fCk your blood money fCk your career progression fCk your silicone whores with glitzy asses, fCk uncles with ties and briefcases fCk two-faced crooked politicians Judges, preachers, cops, the super-rich Your punitive agencies – fCk them fCk your morbid fears, Read More

CAREERS IN BA DRAWING & PAINTING – MA,Paint,Artist,Animation Industry,Art Teacher,Art Schools,Jobs

HELLO all,this is devyani from Freshersworld.com.Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers.Today i ll be talking about the career opportunities in BA drawing and painting. A degree in drawing and painting might not be as tough as a Read More

Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl (Haschak Sisters)

Uh huh this my hit All the girls stomp your feet like this Few times I’ve been round that track So it’s not just gonna happen like that ‘Cause I ain’t no hollaback girl I ain’t no hollaback girl Few Read More

Noah Neiman – Hard (Lyrics) ft. Jadelyn

Three weeks in since I’ve even thought of you Then you go and call me up Kinda like you always do And you love her but you say you want me too I Guess I’ll make your mind up for Read More

JESSMO – Love The Way You Dance (Official Music Video)

Baby would you like to turn this around There’ll be no surprise, oh oh I don’t know how to begin this time But maybe we could try, to go All the way down All the way down All the way Read More