Music Marketing Strategies for 2018

hey guys it's Chris Greenwood here also known as Manifest coaching artist to write better songs market their music and make a real living with music I'm so excited about 2017 and there's so much opportunity for us as artists Read More

1 Professional & 3 Beginners Go To a Recording Studio

I've heard it said that the best music happens when there's a deep sense of chemistry between bandmates I've always dreamed of making music with my closest friends but have never had the chance so I decided it's finally time Read More


how's it going guys doing and Bradley here from the musical ear comm today I'm going to teach you the important parts of reading music so is reading music important yes it is I think every musician should learn to Read More

AEC Strengthening Music in Society project

you know whether we like it or not higher education will anyway change within the upcoming decades we have to reflect to a growing diversity of a cultural phenomena and SMS contributes to prepare our memory institutions to that upcoming Read More