Tabs vs. Sheet Music: Which one should you learn?

December 22, 2019 25 Comments

Check this out. This is the same bass line written out in both tabs up top and music notation down the bottom. It’s the same exact thing expressed in different ways. Which one is better, and most importantly, which one Read More

Joel Harrison – Jazz Composition and Arranging Masterclass

I love composing. I just think that the more composers we have of new music, the better. You know, a lot of these modern tunes go all over the place, but again, like any melody that is satisfying, there’s always Read More

What is JSON ?

Jason or JSON it doesn't matter how you pronounce it what matters is what exactly this means now again there are lots of people they do pronounce it as JSON and officially it is pronounced as Jason but is it Read More

Using Interval Notation to Express Inequalities – Example 2

okay in this example we want to express the inequalities for is less than or equal to X which is less than or equal to 15 using interval notation and again when you see these types of inequalities again what Read More

How to Define Sets Using Set Builder Notation , Intermediate Algebra , Lesson 30

hey everybody this is Paul welcome to lesson 30 in the intermediate algebra series in this tutorial I graphed a few sets on some number lines here and I'm going to be defining these sets using set-builder notation and also Read More

Zauberwürfel Notation (für Anfänger)

hallo und willkommen zu meinem anfänger tutorial zur notation heute werde ich euch die grundlegenden elemente der notation zeigen so dass ihr dann selber in der lage seid algorithmen zu lesen die für den 3 x 3 zauberwürfel notwendig sind Read More