Will Vinson – Jazz Composition Masterclass

What I want to do when I write a tune, among other things, is come up with a more perfected version of what I would like to be doing when I’m playing. The melody and harmony are kind of two Read More

Suspenseful background Music – BRINK – action instrumental Intense Dramatic Film Movie Soundtrack

悬疑背景音乐 – BRINK – 电影原声纯音乐配乐,配合剧情旁白或歌曲使用

Leon Botstein: Art Now (Aesthetics Across Music, Painting, Architecture, Movies, and More.)

Hi, my name is Leon Botstein. I’m president of Bard College and I’m a musician and a historian of music. My subject today is the arts and art and what is it and why should we study it. Why is Read More

easy listening instrumental music for working in office

please do not forget us to subscribe our orchestra! Thanks Peter (bandleader / composer blue light orchestra)

Action Music Instrumental – Hybrid Chaos – Epic Soundtrack – Fesliyan Studios

动作音乐器乐 – Hybrid Chaos – 史诗原声音乐 – Fesliyan Studios音乐工作室出品

Excerpts of Keyan Emami compositions from Operatic Narration of Arash the Archer

No gate, no route No night, no moon No trace of day No imprint of sun We are standing outside of time No gate, no route No gate, no route No night, no moon No moon We observe -solemnly- our Read More

Guessing Violinists Just by Listening to their Recordings

Ling Ling, be with me! Mm, we’re definitely gonna need Ling Ling’s hearing skill – for today’s episode because we have… – Yes. the ultimate challenge of a classical connoisseur. We will be guessing… the violinist just by the recording. Read More

How to Read Sheet Music

How to Read Sheet Music. By a twelve-year-old— [beep] By someone not qualified to talk about sheet music. Let’s start with the staff. This is a staff. This symbol at the beginning tells you which clef to play. There are Read More