How Disney’s Tower of Terror Works

This video is brought to you by NordVPN. Keep yourself protected online by going to to get 75% off a 3-year plan. Link below. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is often regarded as the Read More

Katy Perry Reveals Her Love Language with Orlando Bloom

September 23, 2019 100 Comments

That is fantastic. Thank you. And you look like a futuristic flight attendant. I’m ready to serve. In the best way. I’m kind of taking a little inspiration from Shelley Long, from Troop Beverly Hills. Is that right? Yes. OK. Read More

H-Art – First Love (Official Video)

September 11, 2019 16 Comments

H H-ART Ha pasado mucho tiempo Desde que lo nuestro se terminó Pero eso no cambia el hecho Qué fuiste mi primer amor Me costó un mundo explicar lo que contigo me pasó Por eso te pienso y pienso Mientras Read More

VLOG | A Special Delivery & Recording 3 Videos in One Day!

September 2, 2019 2 Comments

Hi everyone and welcome to a new vlog. So it’s a day in the life vlog. I’ve decided to do one of these each week for one of our videos and today I’m actually gonna be having a day of Read More

Disney Performer Training and my 51 Hour Week! | DCP Fall 2016

hey guys so I am alive I try to make a video last week right after training because I was home by myself all my roommates were gone for work and that lasted literally six minutes I had six minutes Read More


so if you've been to Disney World or Disneyland like two times you're familiar with Disney street performers or straightness fear as I understand it's now being called now I'm not talking about the face characters of the furries that's Read More