Fine Art Conservation – The Retouching Process Narrated

November 20, 2019 100 Comments

In this video I’m going to be focusing solely on the retouching process now, this painting arrived into the studio very dirty with surface grime, old varnish, a massive tear through the sitter’s face and a lot of old retouching Read More

Testing Art Supplies from Wish

November 19, 2019 No Comments

Hey everyone so in today’s video, I’m gonna be testing out some art supplies from wish and today’s video is sponsored by wish so wish Thank you so so much for supporting my channel I’m sure most of you have Read More

Mini Abstract Art Challenge – In Four Mini Mixed Media Parts!

November 18, 2019 7 Comments

this week’s mini abstract challenge for you comes in four parts so keep on watching to see the whole thing because I’m gonna break this down this week and show you the meat and potatoes you can use to make Read More

The Art and Science of (Home) Painting

November 16, 2019 8 Comments

[In Malay] Abu: As painters we need to be willing to learn. Because sometimes customers can request for some complex designs. If my boss sends me any designs that someone has requested I will practise at my own house before Read More

The restoration of an Emma Gaggiotti Portrait – Narrated Version

November 15, 2019 100 Comments

This video is from a little while ago and it was shot by Jack Brandman, a really talented videographer here in Chicago He’s got a YouTube channel under ChicagoAussie And he makes great content particularly his Remade in Chicago series Read More

Getting Out of the Art Funk · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #6

November 15, 2019 40 Comments

Hi my loves. Welcome back to my sketchbook. Well actually, I’m working outside of the sketchbook today on paper. Just trying to keep up that regular drawing habit, seeing what art I can make today with an hour or less. Read More

Do Depressed Artists Make Better Art?

November 14, 2019 100 Comments

When it comes to art school, I’ve heard some pretty crazy things For example a friend of mine told me that her art teacher told her to break up with her boyfriend because she was too happy And she would Read More


November 14, 2019 100 Comments

Edward Hopper is a painter of gloomy paintings that don’t make us feel gloomy. Instead, they help us to recognize the loneliness that so often lies, at the heart of sadness. In his Automat women sits alone drinking a cup Read More

Abstract / Pop Art Painting Demonstration in Acrylics – Brush, Knife, spray – Jim Morrison

November 14, 2019 100 Comments

Thanks for watching this video. If you loved it remember to like this video to encourage me Think also to click subscribe and click on the bell to receive my new videos. videos If you want to go further and Read More