INFINITE “Last Romeo” Dance Practice

November 19, 2019 100 Comments

Trans and subs: Mary Tuan Even if it’s a poison, it’s okay. I’ll gladly receive it No temptation is sweeter and intense than you! You lit up the darkness of my world, You shined and blinded me. Any darkness loses Read More

Inspiring 80-year-old Barbara enchants Matthew to dance a waltz! – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

November 15, 2019 95 Comments

Hello. Good morning. Let’s get you checked in. What’s your name? Barbara Peters. Fantastic. Could I take your age? 80. 80. How long have you been dancing for? 78 years. Oh, wow! Goodness. Your eyes are big, but they’ve gone Read More

LED Dance Indonesia Tron LED Dance Indonesia

October 20, 2019 No Comments

LED Dance Indonesia Tron LED Dance Indonesia

West Side Story – Prologue – Official Full Number – 50th Anniversary (HD)

[MUSIC – “PROLOGUE”] -Watch this shot, now. -Hey! -Shoot man! Go! Hey! -Yeah! -Yeah! -[LAUGHS] -Hey, dark skin, what you doing out here? [MUTTERING] -[WHISTLING] -[MAKING KISSING SOUNDS] -[CHUCKLING] -Sheesh! -[WHISTLING] -Hey, chicky! -Hey! Hey! Hey, boy! Hey, Jet boy! Read More

Girl Style Dance Performance

October 17, 2019 1 Comment

Girl Style Dance Performance

Dance at Central Piedmont

October 16, 2019 No Comments

– Swing, grow tall, and open. (gentle music) Hello, my name is Clay Daniel and I’m the discipline chair of the dance department. At CPCC, our dance major focuses primarily on modern dance and ballet as the main focus and Read More