(Weekly Idol EP.310) BLACKPINK Random play dance FULL ver.

لقد مضى 6 اشهر منذ آخر عودة صحيح ؟ نعم …. من يود ان يقدم الأغنية الجديدة ؟ …. من سيقوم بذلك؟ … اغنيتنا الرئيسية الجديدة "كالمرة الأخيرة" .. حتى الان قمنا بتأدية اغاني ذات مفاهيم قوية .. لكن اغنيتنا Read More

Music as a Language: Victor Wooten at TEDxGabriolaIsland

well thank you very much and it's true I was born into a band and very literally I mean that literally when I was born my four older brothers who were already playing music they knew that they needed a Read More

DJ Khaled Breaks Down His Spiritual Father of Asahd Album and "Legendary" SNL Performance

-'Cause you know how to do itright there — DJ Khaled. -This is my first time on theFallon show! This is incredible![ Cheering ] Hey, shout-out to The Roots,man. Legendary. Make some noise for The Roots.Legendary. [ Cheering ] -Please, Read More

[K-pop in Public Challenge] TWICE (트와이스) – FANCY Full Dance Cover by SoNE1

[Applause] [Applause] oh my god wanna be on top [Applause] oh my god yours the wide [Applause] Oh Wow Hey oh my god right again right