(Weekly Idol EP.310) BLACKPINK Random play dance FULL ver.

لقد مضى 6 اشهر منذ آخر عودة صحيح ؟ نعم …. من يود ان يقدم الأغنية الجديدة ؟ …. من سيقوم بذلك؟ … اغنيتنا الرئيسية الجديدة "كالمرة الأخيرة" .. حتى الان قمنا بتأدية اغاني ذات مفاهيم قوية .. لكن اغنيتنا Read More

Advice for Musicians and Bands from MPN

two singer-songwriters that really have a passion for businesses if this is what they want to do with their lives persuade us to keep doing it don't give up because there's been gosh so many times along the way that Read More

Performer Tips: Learn to Memorize Quickly

hey welcome back to today's performer tip of the day today we're going to talk about memorizing quickly whether it's for an acting audition a singing audition or a dance audition the goal is to learn how to memorize whatever Read More

Top 15 Amazing Street Performances – Cute Kids Dancing With Street Performers (2019)

I'm just alone that's just a thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] I had to spin around this table thinking me crazy but I've been fitting in your holiness noses worth anything they love is like a yeah baby Read More

V-Control Pro – Digital Performer Setup

on your Mac or PC just run a simple utility how cool knife I you can download it from nearing calm downloads you can setup knife I to run when your computer boots up so you don't have to think Read More