I’m A Living Art Doll | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

TOSHI SALVINO: I am a living art doll and I am in a full doll look. It feels very good. I really feel like myself. TOSHI SALVINO: My name is Toshi Salvino, I am 24 years old and I live Read More

(Weekly Idol EP.315) WANNA ONE Random play dance FULL ver. [워너원 랜덤 플레이 댄스 풀버젼]

And now it’s Random Play dance We are going to play random dance wow wooo *The corner that we have been waiting for* This is really famous and anticipated DONI: What do we give you? A prize or a punishment? Read More

(Weekly Idol EP.294) GOT7 Random play dance FULL ver.

-We’ll be doing the Random Play Dance now. -We have a punishment for today. -Your punishment. -Don’t tell me… -Hammer? -Our program is not sadistic like that. -We’ve gotten hit so many times. -It’s happened all the time. -Have you Read More

(Weekly Idol EP.303) TWICE Random play dance FULL ver

As usual, you’ll do Random Play Dance Has anyone ever be hit by a toy hammer? – No, never – That’s good Does anyone want to be hit by it? – Will you do it? – Anyone wants to feel Read More

(Weekly Idol EP.284) BIGBANG Random play dance FULL ver.

Have you guys seen Random Play Dance before? Yes, but… Well, we’re holding many concerts right now. Right! But in order to have tours and concerts we end up skipping the choreos. What do you mean? Since we’re enjoying the Read More

(Weekly Idol EP.316) WANNA ONE Girlgroup Dance cover. [워너원 걸그룹 댄스 전문가 탄생]

Cover dance competition (Yay) We will dance to Kpop music? Yes, you will Who dances best here? Dae-hwi He knows a lot of songs What about this team? Ji-hoon or Woo-Jin (Jihoon and Woojin are chosen) Let me tell you Read More