Danny Trachtenberg Recording with Discrete 4 Synergy Core, Auto-Tune & Edge Solo Modeling Mic

Hi, my name’s Danny Trachtenberg I’m a recording a mix engineer and a producer working with Octavian, Plan B, Stormzy, Skepta, Kojak, J Warner. Today we’re in the Puzzle Factory. We’re working with J Warner an artist I’ve mixed for Read More

One Thing: Lyra Pramuk – Recording at a different tempo

Hi, I’m Lyra, And one thing I like to do is record my voice at a different pitch and speed from my song tempo. The tempo of this song is 74 BPM, and the key is A minor. I use Read More

How to Rap: A Beginner’s Guide to Recording Vocals in the Studio { First American Rapper in Russia }

In this video I’m going to tell you about how to record high-quality vocals when you go to the recording studio. Right now, we’re in a home studio, in a recording booth. Here you can see the microphone. The microphone Read More

Orff – Carmina Burana + Presentation (recording of the Century : Eugen Jochum)

The premiere of Carmina Burana on 6 June 1937 in Frankfurt marked the crowning and triumph of Orff’s ideas over music and theatre. By combining the theatricality of medieval processions with powerful orchestration, Orff succeeded in marrying music and the Read More

More recordings of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley making sexually suggestive remarks

Where are you? Oh, there you are. Hey I can, I can. When you see me. Well that’s your favorite shirt. Are you there? . . . hey You look beautiful. Hey take . . . .Hey listen to me. Read More

How to Record Music at Home : Why Should You Do Demo Recordings First?

December 25, 2019 3 Comments

Hi! This is Shana Bethune on behalf of Expert Village and I am going to talk to you about doing a tape recorder demo. Before you start recording, you need to figure out exactly what it is you want to Read More

Making An Easel Camera Mount For Recording Drawings

December 24, 2019 18 Comments

Welcome to Diode Press, I’m Graham. My camera is broken and sent in for repair, so while I wait for that to get back, I used my iPhone to record this video. So I’m sorry if the quality is not Read More

Basler Video Recording Software – Easy Image & Video Capturing – Product Tutorial

December 23, 2019 No Comments

Hi, I am Denis Dettmer, a product manager at Basler. In this video, I’d like to show you our Basler Video Recording Software. The software works with all Basler USB 3.0 cameras. We will look closer at how to capture Read More

3 Things You Need to Know Before Recording Pokemon Go! | Mobizen Screen Recorder

December 23, 2019 67 Comments

Hello. Mobizen here to give you some tips on the best way to capture your Pokemon Go gameplay. I’ll talk to you about three things today but first, for those of you who want a less laggy, more clean screen, Read More