Why we really really really like repetition in music

September 12, 2019 100 Comments

This is a picture of a song. Its fingerprint. Its visual identity. It was generated by a tool that visualizes matching data. And it reveals something really cool about how a song can be structured around lyrical repetition. By the Read More

Bob Mintzer – Jazz Composition and Arranging Masterclass

Composition is an intergal part of certainly any jazz musicians repertoire. There should be some level of intention when you go to write something. There should be something you’re writing for. The comp in this particular tune in six/eight is…Another Read More

Will Vinson – Jazz Composition Masterclass

What I want to do when I write a tune, among other things, is come up with a more perfected version of what I would like to be doing when I’m playing. The melody and harmony are kind of two Read More

Andy LaVerne – Jazz Composition & Solo/Duo Piano Playing Lesson 1

Composition, along with improvisation, is very tied together. When it comes to making you choices when you’re composing and even when you’re improvising, subtle differences can make actually a big difference. Because when you think about the totality of the Read More

What is Pop Art? Art Movements & Styles

Pop Art is perhaps one of the most significant art movements of the twentieth century. But what makes an artwork ‘pop’? And who were the pop artists? You might recognise some of its most famous names, like American artists Roy Read More

Joel Harrison – Jazz Composition and Arranging Masterclass

I love composing. I just think that the more composers we have of new music, the better. You know, a lot of these modern tunes go all over the place, but again, like any melody that is satisfying, there’s always Read More

Beginning Graphic Design: Layout & Composition

Layout and composition. In a way, they’re the foundation of design. They give your work structure and make it easier to navigate, from the margins on the sides… to the content in between. Of course, it’s not just about working Read More

Beginning Graphic Design: Layout & Composition

التكوين العام هم اساسيات التصميم بشكل أو بآخر فهي تعطي تصميمك شخصيته وتجعل التصميم أسهل على العين من الحواف إلى المضمون علاقته ليست مع تصاميم النصوص فقط التكوين مهم بالنسبة للوسائط الاخرى ايضاً، كالتصميم المطبوع وتصميم المواقع وغيرها أكثر من. Read More

photography composition basics – truth about the rule of thirds, symmetry, repetition and rhythm

Christian judo he Academy of photography.com to die today I would like to talk about composition in this tutorial we are going to explore the basic concepts that we guide the emerging photographer to understand the definition and applicability of Read More