Cardi B and Chance the Rapper on Making Their First Music Video | Netflix

October 16, 2019 40 Comments

My first video, it was just so cold. [Cardi B] ♪ Ran down on that bitch twice… ♪ It was literally one of the coldest days  in New York. The wind of the helicopter  is just crazy. And then we Read More

Music Moves – a free online course from the University of Oslo

Why does music make you move? What makes you move to some types of music but not others? What are the differences between motion, action, and gesture? My name is Kristian Nymoen. My research is about music technology and music Read More

Ossie Dellimore – “Strike The Hammer” (Offical Music Video) [HD] [CC]

September 30, 2019 47 Comments

Door bell sound. Sound of door opening Ossie’s Father: Ossie! Ossie: Hey Dad! Ossie’s Father: Hey man! Ossie: My new CD man. I want to know what you think. Ossie’s Father: Thank you! Ossie’s Father: Sage hey! Mmmmmm! Why woe! Read More

Music Theory Distilled – Part 1: Melody

Most musical sounds have an identifiable “pitch”. Thisdoes not, but thisand thisand thisdo. Some complicated soundshave many pitches at once, but for now let’s just talk about single pitches. Pitch comes from the dominant frequency in the sound: the number Read More

Harmonic Rhythm & Chord Changes – Music Composition

Hi. In this video we’re going to have a little think about this topic, harmonic rhythm. Now what do I mean by this? Most people probably know what rhythm is all about, but what’s harmonic rhythm, well basically it’s about Read More

Bob Mintzer – Jazz Composition and Arranging Masterclass

Composition is an intergal part of certainly any jazz musicians repertoire. There should be some level of intention when you go to write something. There should be something you’re writing for. The comp in this particular tune in six/eight is…Another Read More

Rhythm In Street Photography Composition!

[Music – No Worries by Daxten] What’s up guys! Welcome back to my channel. Thank you for the support from the last video! If you haven’t seen it yet make sure to check it out! Last time I was talking Read More

Will Vinson – Jazz Composition Masterclass

What I want to do when I write a tune, among other things, is come up with a more perfected version of what I would like to be doing when I’m playing. The melody and harmony are kind of two Read More