Starset – Monster (Official Music Video)

Under the knife I surrendered The inocence yours to consume You cut it away And you fill me up with hate Into the silence you sent me Into the fire consumed You thought I´d forget But it´s always in my Read More

Foo Fighters – The Sky Is A Neighborhood (Official Music Video)

The sky is a neighborhood So keep it down The heart is a storybook A star burned out The sky is a neighborhood Don’t make a sound Lights coming up ahead Don’t look now The sky is a neighborhood The Read More

Starset – Satellite (Official Music Video)

Each day is the same Wake up, set the binary coordinates, wait. Pour over the data but nothing breaks through Something about this storms ionic charge dialates signal strength I’ve recounted the rations There’s time for one more shot (breathing) Read More

Audient iD14 – Home Recording with I, The Dreamer

Hi I’m James and I play bass in the birmingham-based post-hardcore band: I, The Dreamer and I’m Matt and I play guitar and am one of the vocalist in the band. We’re going to take you through the recording process Read More

Griot at Bliss Recordings, Portugal – Drums Recording Sneak Peek

There’s a small silent eightheenth note Here! Can you fill in that space? It sounds really weird I can play it like this That’s it Yep! It’s fitting really well

Former Life – Composition

August 21, 2019 1 Comment

Hi Nell ! How are you Nell ? It must be… over six months since we began writing new songs. There were several steps. Some songs have been started in 2012 then set aside. End of 2013, beginning of 2012 Read More

The Day Music Changed For Me

I used to be the guy who’s whole range of musical taste went from Linking Park to Limp Bizkit I was a young angsty teen and payed more attention to the music videos on Mtv than the Music itself so Read More

Indie Rock Upbeat Instrumental Music █ Happy Upbeat background music for videos & fast fun games

This is an indie rock instrumental backing track. It’s also upbeat instrumental music. Feel free to play to it and see what cool alternative stuff you come up with! It can also be used as happy background music.

OneRepublic – Secrets (Official Music Video)

(police sirens wailing) (upbeat music) ♪ I need another story ♪ ♪ Something to get off my chest ♪ ♪ My life gets kinda boring ♪ ♪ Need something that I can confess ♪ ♪ Til’ all my sleeves are Read More