Cab Baby, Epstein Update, Instagram Addiction Bill & Racist Reagan Recording | The Daily Show

Let’s kick it off with something fun. Cab drivers in New York are used to seeing some crazy things happen in their backseats, but this next story is easily at the top of the list. REPORTER: A livery cab driver Read More

Instagram Art Show | CH Shorts

(fun hip hop music) – It’s like, I like fish but I don’t wanna taste it. – See yeah, well, that’s where you’re wrong. (classical music) – Paul! Raphael! So good of you to come. – Thanks for inviting us. Read More

easy listening instrumental music for working in office

please do not forget us to subscribe our orchestra! Thanks Peter (bandleader / composer blue light orchestra)

This Panda Is Dancing – Time Well Spent

*Turn on Sound* Architects of our digital world Stop. Be better because we can be and we can see that these systems have been designed with intricacy so that companies can keep our attention indefinitely I don’t want to keep Read More

Elevator Pitch: FoodShare's Andrew Glantz

hi my name is Andrew Glantz I'm a junior at Wash U and I'm the co-founder of an iPhone app company called food share food share takes the buy one give one model that was popularized by TOMS shoes and Read More

How to Post With Hootsuite Using the Composer

Der Composer ist in Hootsuite die ersteMöglichkeit, um Ihre Nachrichten zu veröffentlichen und derenVeröffentlichung vorauszuplanen. Er bietet ein leistungsstarkes Erlebnis im Vollbild mit umfassenden Bearbeitungs- und Anpassungsoptionen. Klicken Sie zuerst auf „New Post“ (Neuer Beitrag). Beachten Sie, dass der Bildschirm Read More

Mobile Photography Basics (Compositions)

today we're going to talk about the basics of shooting video and photos with your phone my name is Andrew and this channel is all about helping you figure out video and photo stuff if you're new here consider subscribing Read More

Art, artists and the age of Youtube composers | Benj Pasek & Justin Paul | TEDxBroadway

hello hello hi we have to keep attention I know we have to keep the attention um so this is Justin Paul hi hi I'm Justin Paul um that's bench pasteurizing and there were some reveals today uh I think Read More

'#KawhiWatch' hits fever pitch in Toronto amid unconfirmed sightings of Raptors star

it's a frenzy that started when one Raptors fan spotted Raptors president Masai Ujiri and general manager Bobby Webster inside the Hazelton hotel he sent out pictures and videos of his encounter not long after that I was able to Read More