The Amazon of Entertainment

we're here with Derrick Thompson author of hitmakers and the senior editor at the Atlantic Derrick welcome thank you first up quickly your background cuz you look and I'm sure you've heard this before you look like you're 14 so Read More

How Scooter Braun Went From Promoting Parties to Building An Entertainment Empire | Blueprint

manager label head entertainment producer Scooter Braun turned a golden ear for talent and a brilliant mind for marketing into a perpetual stream of platinum hits this is his blueprint tell me about playing basketball I know you were very Read More

Social Media Tips for Orchestral Musicians

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Art in the Age of Instagram | Jia Jia Fei | TEDxMarthasVineyard

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How Has Social Media Affected Fame + Entertainment Industry?!

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Marshmello – Check This Out (Official Music Video)

[Applause] take this out [Applause] [Applause] Oh take this out you

5 EERIEST Recorded Phone Calls With Chilling Backstories (w/Recordings)..

what's going on you guys my name is ty knots and welcome to top five unknowns 5 scariest phone calls ever recorded number 5 a 63 year old woman was given a life sentence in prison back in 2017 after Read More