Would You Like A COMPOSER Walk In Your Town?

this is the second of one of my improvised events I think he's act lyrica actually linked above come on dr. Liu I did a summer stall cyst solstice video that sir whose age is long and it was quite Read More

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Media Composer

over the last few weeks I feel that I've kind of abandoned my family somewhat so much traveling not only my family like my kids and my wife but also the piano book family that much of the Monday's family Read More

Behind The Curtain – Olafur Arnalds – Composer Toolkit

so you've just come off a world tour and we've been traveling around promoting stuff in LA and all over the place so this is our first opportunity we've grabbed to come to rec if it to talk to you Read More

Media Composition – 100 Do's and Don'ts

so this is my hundredth film I thought I'd mark the hundredth film by seeing what you guys thought I should maybe do a film about and there's been some great ideas in fact one of them is so good Read More

Walkthrough — Hauschka Composer Toolkit

hi there paul here from spitfire audio i'm very excited today to be able to show you how a composer toolkit made in collaboration with oscar-nominated world-renowned composer and sound smith Volker Bertil man who you will know from his Read More

Why Do Samples Sound Better When Pitched Down?

for people who complain about the weather up north I always like to remind them that it's the land where the rainbows live welcome back to Panna book if you're new to piano book don't know what it's all about Read More


for those of you haven't seen my earlier films there's two reasons why there's this strange bloke in a cap in the middle of nowhere talking about studio affairs and technology and media composition first is that if I don't Read More